21 July 2013

Potty Training

"Poop."  "Potty."  These are the words that bring joy to a mother's soul while potty training when spoken by the potty trainee.  Last Monday Charlie started telling me when he needed to poop.  So after about a week of that we finally got to the store to get undies.  Charlie loves wearing his undies because there are little pictures of basketballs, baseballs, and soccer balls across the waist band.  He loves balls and it is a motivator not to pee pee.  "We don't want ickies on the balls, so we can't pee pee in the undies."  The logic worked and stuck.  For Charlie's treat for going potty he gets one Tic Tac.  The kid doesn't get a lot of sugar so he thinks it is great.  Sometimes he will ask to go potty just to get the Tic Tac.  Oh well, at least he is trying.  He also likes to sit on the potty any time he toots, too.
With potty training, Charlie has become more interested in certain things.  Charlie will point to his stuffed animals' tails and either say, "Poop?" or "Wee wee?"  I tried to go over anatomy and stuff and teach him what tails are and for whatever reason it is just not sticking yet.  We will keep on working on that.

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