30 May 2013


Here is a random assortment of photos from the last few weeks of life.
We took a little trip up to the Grantsville Reservoir for the first time a few weeks ago.
Henry loves "attacking" his blankets which end up all crazy. 
Charlie squishing his own cheeks. 
 Henry is a roller for sure.  We try not to lose him under things.
 Happy, happy boy!
 Life is the greatest!
 I made a peach pie.  I really like making pies now.
 One bowl.  Two cups.  Three Spoons.  Life couldn't get better.
 Daddy's safety glasses.
 Henry still doesn't like bottles, but he is getting better.  Instead of fighting me and crying, he gives me crusties and gnaws on the bottle.  Still won't drink.
 Charlie is good at sharing his toys with Henry and wanting to teach him how to use them.

Charlie's First Fathers and Sons Campout

What could be a better way to start a Fathers and Sons campout than to do what you do everyday at home?  Yes, Charlie loves his truck and it occupied his attention well while I set up the tent.
Charlie had to wait patiently for our tin (aluminum-nobody uses tin these days) foil dinner to cook while others roasted their hot dogs.  But, he did a phenomenal job waiting since there was much novelty in the whole situation.
Here he is again.
And again.
I have no clue where his exuberance is aimed.  It must be the new 2013 Benz since that won't happen again for a very very long time.  By the time he can drive, we'll let him drive our 1999 ML that will be 28 years old with 1,000,000 miles.
This is Charlie helping to hold down the sleeping bag since it was trying to get away.
Charlie kept throwing his trucks in the trunk and then wanting them back out.  I'm not sure what that was all about.
We threw rocks in the lake.  It wasn't even a lake.  Perhaps it was a pond.  Either way, he got quite a kick out of it.  He would throw with such spunk that I thought for sure he was going to end up with the pond with the rocks.
Look at the wind up!  And for such a small rock! :)
I liked this picture because you can see where the rock ker-splunked.  In the distance there was a zipline where kids would come racing down the mountain and let go and fall into the pond.  I could only imagine what was going through Charlie's head as he saw people turning their bodies into projectiles.

29 May 2013


Here is a map of the area that we will be moving to.  Charles is changing jobs and will be moving to or around Lewisberry, PA!  I can't wait.  We will be leaving mid June right after we see my mom and Larry.  We are so excited for a new adventure in our life to begin.

19 May 2013

Six Months!

Henry is six months old!  Some of Henry's favorite activities are chewing on his socks, eating real food, taking glorious naps, laughing at the silly things Charlie does, and chewing on all of his toys.  
Henry gets lots of compliments from people.  "He is so cute!"  "He is so well behaved!"  "He is so tall!"  Its true!  He is so cute, well behaved, and tall.  The thing that Henry doesn't tell strangers is that even though he is six months old, he still wakes up 1-2 times a night.  It is out of a terrible habit that we are trying desperately to break.  Any and all advice is welcome.
We love Henry so much and are so happy he is in our family!

15 May 2013

A Day in the Life of a Skinny Kid

Pants fell down.  Can't be pulled up with a saggy diaper.
 Holding up the crotch.  Asking for help.
 Mom is busy feeding Henry (and taking photos).  Takes charge.  Takes pants off.
 Mom says to put pants in bedroom.  Pants ended up in laundry room since it is closer.

Spring Family Photos

This is such an adorable photo of Henry and Charlie!
 I love taking family photos!
 So handsome!
Cute Charlie. 
 Ah!  Mom, don't take my photo!
 I don't just love this one of me, but whatever.

Idaho Austins

We, the Martin clan, went to visit Colleen, Nathan, and kiddos in Idaho this last weekend.  Nathan and Charles were in a disc golf tournament for most of Saturday.  Colleen and I had lots of fun with the kids.
We went to a super cool waterfall that you can stand under!

Charlie kept pointing to the waterfall and saying, "Wawa!"
It is fun to see the cousins all together,  minus Gideon.
Afterwards we played in the backyard.
Henry sat up by himself so well.

He did eventually topple over during his photo shoot.

It looks like he is popping out of the ground :)

Since Henry hates bottles he got to try one of the Austin's sippy cups.  He loved it!  Hallelujah!
Charlie enjoyed being outside with tons of new toys.
His whole body saw the sun that day.

Charlie enjoyed playing with Gideon out on the blanket.
Tara played so well with Henry and could sure make him laugh.  I was very impressed with her ability to get her hair out of Henry's hands and not fussing about it.
Charlie eating at the park for dinner.
Charles with us after the tournament at the park.
Charlie enjoyed the slide and kept doing it over and over again.
His sideways hat was so cute!

Mother's Day morning I had all of the little boys on the couch with me.  Nathan prepared a wonderful breakfast!  It was so much fun to be with my sister and her family!