29 May 2014

Eyeball Color Count

Here is the Martin Family Eyeball Color Count

Blue Eyeballs: 5
Charles                                   Charlie                             Elizabeth

Hazel Eyeballs: 4
Annette                        Henry

Brown: 1

Charlie is both winning and losing.

Don't feel bad if you thought that either Annette or Henry had brown or blue eyes.  Hazel is not a very common eye color and many people mistake it for others, especially in poor lighting.

Elizabeth, My Little Doll

The compliment that Elizabeth receives most often is that she looks just like a little doll.  The first time I heard it, it caught me off guard, but now it is the norm.  When we were at the store I heard a mother trying to convince her young daughter that I was in fact holding a baby and not a doll.  It probably doesn't help it that she has worn some of my doll's clothes.

Here is a video of Elizabeth smiling while Charles is messing with her.

She really is the cutest little baby girl, but she can sure burp like her daddy.  She is a really great burper.  Within a few seconds of putting her up on my shoulder or having her do a sit up she will burp.  She is so good that one time she burped mid nursing, that one shocked me.

Having three children must be taking its toll on me since I found my first white hair.  It was brown half way up and then white the rest of the way to the root.  Kind of weird, but kind of cool in a way.  I don't know how much correlation there is between going gray and having kids, but I would much rather have white hair and lots of kids than brown hair and no children.  Graying can't all be correlated to kids though since Charles got his white patches of hair while on his mission in Russia and his hair color doesn't seem to be changing with kids.

23 May 2014

Grandma & Grandpa Martin

We loved having a visit from Grandma Jan and Grandpa Tom!  They helped out so much.  We also had lots of fun, like the Chocolate Factory in Hershey.  You can ignore the fact that it looks like Charles wet himself.  Charlie was sitting on his lap during the ride and had a little potty accident.

While in Hershey we hit a Nine West outlet so Charles could buy shoes for Annette. 
We visited Gettysburg.  We were able to fit all three kids in the stroller.

The boys took lots of photos with the cannons.

 Here is Elizabeth's one photo with a cannon.  She slept through most of Gettysburg.

We took a walk along a river and of course had to throw rocks into it.

I really like this photo of Charles and I, probably mostly because we hardly get to be in the same photo and with so few kids in it with us.

Here is another family photo. 

It was in the 80s most of the time so Elizabeth finally got to show a little leg with her first knee/diaper length skirt.

Charlie showed off all of his super neat gymnastics to Grandma and Grandpa.

We all got new BYU shirts!  The boys were super excited.

Grandpa helped us plant our herb garden in the front flower bed.

We went out to eat at Cracker Barrel which was super yummy as always.

Tom and Jan were a great help in getting our basement organized and cleaned up.

The boys played outside a lot and got muddy.

Elizabeth was just so darn cute the entire time.

The boys took advantage of Grandpa's willingness to read tons of books.

 Grandma made a blanket fort with the boys.

All three kiddos.

21 May 2014

Elizabeth's Baby Blessing

Elizabeth was blessed on Mother's Day.  It really made it a very special day for me.  Here we are outside of our church with a very typical red barn in the background.

Here is a close up of her dress.  If you want detailed photos here they are on this previous post.  She ripped one of her side seems while at church, oops.

18 May 2014


Sleep has been hard to come by for everyone in this house, except for Elizabeth of course.  I haven't been perfectly on top of getting the boys into naps when they are needed, so here are some photos of where they have fallen asleep.

Henry is holding his toothbrush.

09 May 2014

Grandma and Grandpa Wright

Grandpa Larry and Grandma Sandra came to Pennsylvania to meet their new little granddaughter, Elizabeth.  We were so happy to have them come and stay for a week.

 While they were here we went grocery shopping.  That was a little tough having three kids.  I haven't yet figured out how I am supposed to do that on my own since Henry is a wanderer.

Here is Elizabeth before a week old on her first outing at the grocery store.

Grandma took lots of photos during Charlie's school time.

Here we are with Charlie's papers showing the sentences he made in school to Grandma Sandra.

Charlie went on a fun walk with Grandma and Grandpa while Henry slept.

We went to a little river so the kids could play.  The boys loved it!  We will probably spend a lot of the summer here.

There were lots of good sticks at the river ...

... and lots of good rocks and water to get soaking wet.

The boys were filthy and got stripped down before coming home.  I love it when they get tuckered out and fall asleep in the car. 

We went to a huge awesome park that the boys just loved.

We  walked along another river and had a fun picnic.

Here is a fun family morning while in our pj's.  My Grandma Hatch made this duck blanket for me when I was little.

She also made this cute outfit.  I don't know if I wore this outfit (I probably did), but I know that my doll wore the outfit.  I found a lot of baby clothes that I actually wore as a baby in my doll clothes, which my dolls wore back then, and Elizabeth is wearing now.  She is my real life, little doll.  Just look at that perfect little glow about her.
" A sweet, new blossom of humanity, freshly fallen from God's own home to flower here on earth."
- Gerald Massey (English poet), later quoted by Thomas S. Monson in his talk, "An Invitation to Exaltation" (April 1988)