16 August 2011

Our fun life

Charlie can raise his 2nd and 4th toe together without raising the others!

Here is a better picture of Charlie's eyes.

We finally took some family photos!

Here are the Charles I, II, and III 

Before Charlie was born I started reorganizing this room but never finished.  So here it is all put together!

While reorganizing I finally collected all of my many journals.  I have kept a journal since I could write.  After I took the picture I noticed that I was missing one. 

08 August 2011

Charlie's smile

Charlie loves to smile in the early morning hours and so it took a while before I could get a photo of it.  As you can see Charlie no longer has his feeding tube in.  He ripped it out and the doctor thinks that he is doing great and doesn't need it anymore.

Here is Charles helping Charlie move to "The Adams Family" theme song.

03 August 2011

Got Milk?

Charlie has been nursing great and now weighs 9 lbs even as of today.  We are pretty excited.  Charlie is a little behind on drinking his extra milk.  We are running out of freezer space.

Here are Charlie's non matching eyes.  His left is brown and his right is blue.  It is a little hard to tell in the pictures , but it is true.  I sure hope that they don't change.

Here are some cute photos of him.

Charlie is showing off his muscles

We hiked to Stewart Falls the other day