15 February 2015

Cuteness Overload

I have been slacking and not sharing with the world the absolute cuteness from our little home.  We call the cuteness Elizabeth or Lizzy for short.  Cuteness loves to walk along the couch.

Here our little cuteness is showing off her teeth.  Her 9th tooth broke through recently.

Cuteness loves these cars and bangs them around.

Cuteness also just loves being super cute and not even knowing it.  She also loves to put things in and out of a container or area.  She spent most of church moving things to Annette's hand from the church book.

Here our cuteness is playing with a old spice container by holding the tab in her mouth.  She also has Christian Louboutin shoes on her onesie :)  (In case you don't know anything about Christian Louboutin shoes, all of his shoes have a red sole)

She loves showing off her baby blue eyes in the bath tub.

Here are our other two older cuties who have turned into sillies.

Silly 1 and 2 thoroughly enjoy their role as you can certainly see as they dump water on their chest.

They are even so silly to ask me to take pictures of them being silly so it can be documented forever.  The following photos were all posed at the request of the children.

My sillies with my cutie.

My cutie looking precious!  Like a little Eloise Wilkin's baby from her books.

The posing from my sillies still continues.

End of cute and silly children.  Onto more serious things like my genius baby/kid proofing.  I have this lovely cabinet.  But the left door is broken and can only be opened if you push into it while opening to make sure it doesn't fall off.  Elizabeth realized she could open the doors.

After the left door fell on her when she opened it I knew I needed a solution fast.  I used some tape and bam, no child or baby can get in.  After I put on the tape it frustrated Elizabeth for a while but she eventually went on her merry way.