18 April 2016

Biff is TWO!

Elizabeth, or how she calls herself, "Biff" is now two years old!  She is such a fun and loving little girl.  And we love having her in our family.

She loves being with her brothers and playing with them.

She loves being with her grandparents and going on adventures with them.

Eliza likes to do things that everyone else loves to do.  She often says, "Me.  No, me!" or "Biff, no Biff!"

She loves to take care of her dog, Cookie.  He goes everywhere with her and often if we aren't careful she will sneak him out to the car and on errands or to church.

Speaking of her loving her dog, she likes being one herself.  She has holes in the knees of her pants from being a dog so often. 

Lizzy also loves it when she gets new, used clothes from her older female cousins, especially if it is yellow which is her favorite color.  The distinct and obvious order of her favorite colors are yellow, pink, yellow, purple, yellow, and blue.

Dressing up in grandma's dress up clothes is always a highlight of the day.  She will often insist on wearing the pretty things for most of the day.

We love our sweet Elizabeth and the wonderful smiles she brings to our home!