26 April 2011

The Latest and Greatest

- Got a job in American Fork and now he can bike to work!
- In an American Fork softball league with friends from our FHE group.
- Working on his MBA and is excited that after this class (in five weeks) he will be half done!
- Made new organization system of hanging numbers for clothes so he doesn't have to guess anymore at how many times he has worn it

- Loving the little time off between semesters.
- Working feverishly on a Hatch family movie.
- Reading LOTS of books.
- Enjoying cooking/cleaning/nesting...
- I decided that Easter needs to be a bigger holiday like Christmas or the 4th of July.  I am not talking about the candy part being bigger, I am talking about the meaning and reason being more announced.  It seems as though everyone says, "Remember Easter is about the atonement and resurrection of Christ, not candy.  Here is some candy."  The purpose of Easter seems to only be talked about in church on that one Sunday.  I have decided that in our family, Easter will be specifically talked about each day of the week proceeding Easter Sunday.  I am not sure how I am going to do this, but its going to happen.
- Preparing for Spring semester by reading the textbook.
- Made a neat FHE power point lesson about the Law of Moses, the law given on our day and trying to become perfect
- Looking for the last few baby items needed before the little boy comes.
- Has lots of crazy dreams about giving birth and being with my baby, I am super excited!
- I can't wait to be a Mommy!

Here is Annette's review of some good books she is/has read:
- "Complete Baby and Child Care"by Miriam Stoppard
     weight/height/age chart for boys
     in what temperature how much a baby should wear to bed
     complete first aid for children

- "New Mother's Guide to Breastfeeding" by the American Academy of Pediatricians
     why breastfeeding is so good for baby and mom
     breastfeeding checklist to know your baby is feeding well
     more weight/height/age chart for boys
     facts for fathers about how great breastfeeding is
     info on how many times a day breastfeeding should occur and how many diapers
     dietary guidelines for the baby when starting to eat food around 6 months

- "Better Sleep for your Baby and Child" by Shelly K. Weiss
     amount of sleep a baby/child should have broken down by age from 0-18yrs old
     great information for all children 0-18yrs old about every possible sleep problem known to man

- "The Atonement: Fulfilling God's Great Plan of Happiness" by Earl C. Tingey
     I am absolutely loving reading this book, it is giving me a much greater insight into the atonement

- "The Millionaire Mind" by Thomas J. Stanley
     Such a great book, I wish I had read this book in my youth!  Loving the great insights.

- "The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ" translated by Joseph Smith
     I am almost done reading it again.  It is such an amazing book that I love reading over and over again.

The Amazing Glock 19 Cake

Better late than never, but here is our cake:

Red velvet cake (minus the red) put all together

First coat of frosting

Charles vacuuming out the crumbs from the trigger

The finished cake

Handle of gun up close, notice all of the "grippy" stuff

Looking down the muzzle, it says Glock 19 on it

Target cake

Happy birthday Mommy!

The gun all a flame, we had too many candles

Yea, fun smoke pictures

07 April 2011

Enlarged in Size and in Spirit

I have been growing nicely as well as the baby. Here are a few of his current favorites:
  • loves being on my right side
  • loves trying to be between by ribs (on the right side of course) and my skin
  • loves pushing on vital organs
  • loves wiggling ALL the time
  • loves the early morning hours

We have our crib! I love it SO much and I have already put it up. The major things that I love are that it is collapsable, can fit through doorways without having to be collapsed, and it has wheels with brakes. It will make it very easy to move the baby out of our bedroom during nap time if I want to be in our room during that hour. Also as a major side benefit, it was a lot cheeper for the crib, mattress, and bedding than normal size cribs which saved us about $100!
General Conference was amazing!!! After every talk I said, "That was the best talk ever!" Maybe GC was unusually good, or I am finally mature enough to appreciate GC so much more than ever before. I think it is the latter. I really can't wait to read them all over again in the May Ensign, but in the mean time I am going to be re-watching them on iTunes. On Saturday it was such beautiful weather which reached 70 degrees! But on Sunday it was cold and snowed on and off all day! Here are some pictures from our bedroom window of the beautiful snow. Hopefully it will be the last of the season . . .