22 February 2012

Story Time -

Isaac Hall
Charlie Martin
Declan Coombs

Story 1:  Mr. Newspaper

Charlie:  What are you eating?
Isaac:  I bet you can't guess.
Charlie:  Something yummy?


Charlie:  Don't crawl away from me when I am talking to you!

Isaac:  See here, your mom gave me this Valentine's decoration to play with.
Charlie:  Mommy!  Look what Isaac stole!

Isaac:  No!  She gave it to me to play with. ... Right?
Charlie:  Mom, I can't believe that you gave Isaac some of your Valentine's decorations that I like to play with.

Isaac:  Ha!  Eye gouge, that is for ratting me out.  I think I'll call you Mr. Newspaper
Charlie:  But we didn't get in trouble.  I don't like that name
Isaac:  Doesn't matter.

Story 2:  Aren't I adorable!

Declan:  Look how sweet I am.  I am holding my hands so cutely.

Declan:  Ha!  Our moms aren't watching.  Eye gouge!

Declan:  Hey Mom, what's up? ... No, I don't know why Isaac left us.
Charlie:  Don't look at me, I am just an innocent bystander. 

Story 3:  The Middle

Declan:  They put me in the middle since I am the only one smiling.

Charlie:  Whatever, I bet I can get my head in the middle too.
Declan: Didn't work.


Declan:  Still in the middle!
Isaac:  I am going to karate chop you then Declan! ... Or...

Isaac:  Declan sandwich!  Ha!  Now you aren't smiling, you can't be in the middle
Charlie:  Dude, Declan, you are squishing my arm.

Isaac:  Fine, whatever.  I am going to look at the toy that is stuck on the wall then.

Declan:  Now we can sit here peacefully.
Charlie:  But I want to be in the middle.

- The End -

05 February 2012

Fun Things

When Charlie is on his tummy this is the normal look that I get from him.

And here is Charlie's normal reaction when I put him on his tummy... 

"I am going over!"

"HAHAHA!  You can't keep me on my tummy long."

So besides having fun, dirty faces lately from eating real food Charlie has started doing this with his jaw/lips.  It is so darn cute!

Why choose one finger when you can have more than one?

Post bath cuteness.

During meal time today Charlie thought it was funny to rest his head on the table while he ate.

Charlie does not want to drink from a cup or anything for that matter.   He tried so hard to keep Daddy's hand away.

I thought that it was time that Charles and I showed our faces on the blog.

So here we are.  We still do exist even though most of our blog is Charlie.  Oh, I made this skirt with pockets.