05 July 2013

Charlie's Birthday

For Charlie's birthday we had lots of fun.  On Friday we went and saw Monsters University (it was mostly for me).  It was both Charlie and Henry's first time at a theater and they did great.  Charlie had to sit on my lap because the chair kept folding him in when he sat down.  And when he sat at the edge of his seat he couldn't see the bottom half of the screen because of the person in front of him.

On Saturday we went to Hershey's Chocolate World.  There was only one free ride thing that talked about how the chocolate was made.  It was pretty interesting and they give you a small Hershey's chocolate bar at the end.  The great thing was that Henry got one, too, so I got to eat his and Charles'.  Needless to say we went on that ride twice.  We only had a few melt downs from Charlie not wanting to walk.  For whatever reason he thinks he should be carried just like Henry.
Standing in line for the tour.
 Henry chugging Hershey's syrup.  Just kidding.  It is a huge piggy bank.
 Sitting down taking a rest.
 Charlie loves to push the flash down on my camera after it pops up.

Henry pre-breaking the Hershey's bar for me. 
Leaving Chocolate World. 
 We got Jan, Tom, and Angela's present on Saturday and opened it up right away.

We didn't do much on Sunday for his birthday.  We kept wanting to make a cake, but even though Hilton claims their kitchenettes are fully loaded, they are far from it.  They are even missing an oven.

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