14 December 2015

Merry Christmas from Our Family to Yours - 2015

Merry Christmas!!!

After spending much of the year in Pennsylvania fixing up our home and enjoying our great friends and the green trees we moved back to Utah.  The cross country drive was long and hard, but it is great to be back with our family.  We will miss our Pennsylvania friends a lot.  In PA we enjoyed being a part of the BYU Alumni chapter and generally sporting our BYU spirit every where we went.  We enjoyed seeing many Pennsylvania sights.  We loved camping as a family, seeing exotic animals, using chalk, and being crafty.  We traveled to CA for a Hatch family reunion in the summer.  After moving back to Utah we have loved seeing all of the family that we have missed.

Charlie 4.5 yrs
Charlie began learning the viola from Charles.  He loves to learn and is becoming better at reading and math.  He keeps growing taller and stronger.  He loves to help Grandpa Larry shovel snow.

Henry 3 yrs
Henry never stops talking and loves to use his imagination to come up with some fantastic stories and ideas.  He loves wrestling with Charlie and the boys have a lot of fun together being boys.

Elizabeth 1.5 yrs
Elizabeth goal for the year was to grow her hair long enough that it could be done into cute girly hairdos.  Lizzy thoroughly loves having her hair done every morning.  She is loving her pink glasses that she got which have fixed her lazy eye.  She is very girly and loves to show off her cute outfits and hair to Daddy every morning.

Charles 35 yrs
Charles enjoyed teaching his coworkers about guns and taking them out shooting.  He took Annette on their first real honeymoon to Jamaica where they had a fabulous time without their children.  He works hard and is a great husband and father.

Annette 25.9 yrs
Annette went to NYC with friends.  She did her first triathlon in Philly and wants to do another.  She has dedicated a significant amount of time to family history this year and it doesn't look like she will stop any time soon.  She also keeps herself busy with crafty things to help the family.

09 December 2015

Idaho for Thanksgiving

We went up to Idaho for Thanksgiving to visit Annette's sister and her family.

We had a lot of fun doing hair.

The boys enjoyed being together and laughing over the silliest things.

We played with some Playmobil toys.

And the Austin girls piled on Annette's lap.

The turkey was smoked and was absolutely delicious!

Sterling and Elizabeth had lots of fun together.

Eliza tried to get to know Uncle David, but it didn't really work.

We loved hanging with Aunt Colleen.

And Grandpa Larry.

Charles played Disney Princess Old Maid with Amaya and Noelle.

Lizzy loved trying on the Black Friday jewelry.

The snow on our way home was beautiful!