29 November 2011

New Home

Charles and I built a house in Grantsville and here it is all done.  The papers were all signed last night!  Here are a few quick photos that I took the other day:

28 November 2011

Charlie's Laughs

Charlie is a very good laugher.

Charlie's Cuteness

Charlie is a very cute nurser.  He will rub his hand on his head or hold the back of his head.

Charlie will often sleep perpendicular in his crib and sticks his feet out. 

While at Tom and Jan's doing laundry Charlie dirtied his very last pair of pants.  So while waiting for the laundry to be done he got to go pantless.

Charlie loves the fabric books that he got from Grandma Wright.  So many things to touch and pull.

Charlie can't stand up in his crib by himself but he thinks that it is hilarious when we help him stand on his bed.

15 November 2011


Halloween was oh so fun.

Charlie was a Dalmatian puppy

I was Cruella Deville

And Charles was a hockey player for work, but at another Halloween party we went to he was Roger (from 101 Dalmatians)

I don't think that I posted our Halloween pictures from last year.  We were a Mac and a PC :)

05 November 2011

Charlie, Charlie, and More Charlie

We are obviously the parents of one child with the amount of photos that we take of him.  So here are only a few of those photos.

Charlie and Mommy having a great time

Charlie helping Daddy with his homework

Charlie dressed up for the BYU football game

Charlie as a Dalmatian puppy for Halloween

Charlie sleeping (just in case you couldn't tell)

Charlie acting silly (normal) before a diaper change

Charlie after a bath all wrapped up (he is wearing a diaper though)

Charlie in cute clothes looking all cute

Yea for Charlie!!!!