15 September 2015

Parade and York County Fair

The local Red Land Little League Baseball team won the US Championship and so we walked down to the parade held for them since it was right near our home.  The kids loved the huge horses.  I love Lizzy's Einstein hair.  I do actually comb it every morning.

There were tons of fire engines and the boys were enthralled by them.  Every Friday is trash day and we try to get outside early enough to watch the trash trucks since that is so fascinating.  The Friday (trash day) after the parade Henry said, "This is like a parade!"

Eliza likes to be carried down our steps and this is what her tantrum looks like when we refuse to carry her.  She calmly lays herself down and does the most fake whimper.  It's pretty funny.

Most people know this, but Lizzy got glasses and we think that she is the most stinking cute little thing with them on.

Annette loves taking even more pictures of her now.

 Annette is having the kids have themed costumes for Halloween and is making them all.  Lizzy in Little Red Riding Hood, Charlie is the Big Bad Wolf, and Henry is the Woodsman.  Lizzy and Charlie's costumes are completed.  And Henry only needs a cute little cardboard ax.

After Annette made Charlie's wolf ears because Charlie was asleep and the hot glue wasn't dry and she got a glob stuck in her hair and didn't know about it until it was fully dry.  Oops.

We hear that a lot of parents struggle to get their kids to eat food.  This is not the problem we have in our home.  We struggle to get them to stop eating.  I had just finished feeding all of the kids PB&J sandwiches.  The boys each ate two and Lizzy had one and a half.  Charles got home and made himself lunch and all of a sudden the kids were starving again.

We went to the York County Fair on the free day.  We petted the horses.

I was so proud of all of the kids for petting the horse's nose.  They usually get scared of the face and want to touch the tummies of animals.

We looked at the pigs.

We saw a mother pig with her 15 piglets and the kids loved looking at future bacon :)


At the sheep area they had some brand new lambs.  They had a movie of one of the lambs being born playing on a huge screen and the kids learned all about birthing.  Charlie seemed to be the only one that was really grasping the concept.

Charles looks so handsome!

Lizzy is as adorable as ever.

The rabbits were very nice to sit and let us pet them without hopping away.  Henry saw a white and black rabbit and said, "Look it's a cow rabbit!"

We all took funny photos.

The kids really wanted to go on the "horse ride" so we let them pay for themselves.  THEY LOVED IT!

Elizabeth was traumatized that she didn't get to go on it.  She cried the entire time the boys were on it and had tears running down her cheeks.  I guess we should have let her spend $3 of her money to go.