28 May 2015

Catching Up On This Blog

We all went to the dentist and the kids were pretty excited to get their new toothbrushes and balloons.

I'm not sure why Annette added this picture except to remind us all how fun it is to take a bath in the kitchen sink.  (This photo was added because when Henry sits next to Lizzy at the table he always runs his fingers through her hair and gets her absolutely disgusting.  So much that I have to wash her hair in the sink.  She was particularly dirty and had to get all of her washed in this particular photo.)

This is us with a few of my coworkers (not pictured because they showed up late and we didn't wait for them).  I'm trying to remember all of the wonderful things I learned at Front Sight.  Oh, how we long to go back!  Hopefully we'll go again soon.

She's showing me up...again.

We need to do this more often.

I hope this is Henry's last attempt in life at tattooing his body.  Apparently Mommy lost track of him for a few seconds.

"Behold, ladies and gentlemen! Despite the snot running into my mouth and my pj's falling off, I will perform my magnum opus." (This is how we often find Eliza in the morning.  Her snaps come undone sometimes and so the boys like to be so kind as to undo the rest of the snaps.  Sometimes they even get her jammies all of the way off.)

I guess the kids went to the park while I was at work.

There's Annette teaching Charlie how to be happy.

This is what happens when you don't ride a bike for a long while.  The bruising from the gears lasted a lot longer than I thought they would.

We went camping and Elizabeth loved the new environment.  I'm sure she didn't remember that we went camping back when she was a couple of months old.

Recently castigated for some infraction; hence the disgruntled look.

Annette wanted to capture the moment of her dirty white socks.

So icky, yet so cute.

King of the Rock

Sticks are a kid's best friend.

Selfie In The Woods

The kids hold the food too far from the fire to cook it and Annette gets impatient and holds it too close and burns it so I get to do the cooking :) 

Case in point.  That marshmallow never got cooked.

We think this background looks fake this year, too.

That's one dirty little face.

This is Lizzy being so helpful.  The tent fly is her cape.

What are pillows for if not to rest your head?  If I'd have known that they were not going use them, I would have used them myself for padding.

It rained that morning so it was nice and muddy for the day.

What could be better for breakfast than s'mores?

I'm guessing it was luck, but she really did go.  (She wants to be like her big brothers!)

Annette must work those poor little kids to death.  They can't even stay awake for mealtime.

I love the swimsuit.

And I love the swimming pool even more.


I'm sure in Charlie's mind that's a shark.

There it is about to eat you!

We're teaching her not to suck on her fingers.  Apparently I'm losing this battle.

Some babies come out of the womb with this much hair, but we're proud of her for fighting tooth and nail and for a year for this hair.

Annette set one of our ceramic mixing bowls down in our largest one (we nest them to save space) and she was very careful.  But when ceramic decides to fast fracture, it's all over.  

Is this Henry or Elizabeth? When I texted this picture to Annette she thought it was Henry.  But alas, it's Elizabeth.  I really do see resemblance in this picture.

My beautiful, wonderful wife.

My cutie patootie and BYU Fan #5

BYU Fan #4

BYU Fan #3

This was at the Susquehanna Valley BYU Alumni party.

This only happens once a year... it's imperative to capture the moment.

Hey!  The popcorn fell off of the apricot trees!

We played at the park while Annette practiced biking on her new (used) bike for the triathlon.

Right now she does the whole Jon Schmidt arm-to-the-keyboard move really well.

Annette wakes up looking like this.  I love it.

Each day there's a race to the hallway to get their teeth brushed.  Even if they come in second or third place, they still try to muscle their way in, in hopes that Daddy will forget who was first.

While Annette was out of town one weekend I decided it was high time to teach Lizzy about high heels.  She caught on fast.

On our way to the gym, our truck's drive belt decided to break and wrap itself around the fan.  Annette ran the two miles home (no gym needed for a workout that night) to get the Benz and My Lovely Assistant and I installed a new belt and idler pulley that evening.