29 July 2012

Oceanside, CA - Hatch Family Reunion

Charles, Charlie, and I went to Oceanside, CA for a week long Hatch family reunion.  It was a blast to be with all of my cousins, aunts, uncles, and everyone!  I haven't seen them all in so long.
Charlie is sporting the reunion t-shirt that they made for this year.  It reads, "Oceanside Hatch Family Reunion 2012."
 The water was often all the way up to the rocks which made enjoying the beach a bit hard.  I think Charlie would have loved it if there wasn't a threat of a big wave coming and taking him out.
Charles on the roof of the three story beach house.
 Charles enjoyed his "water time" in the hot tubs more than in the ocean.
 Here is our cute family photo on the beach.
 My Aunt Paula put together this poster of all those in the family that have gone on missions and where they went.  Charles is on the bottom in the middle.
 Colleen's little guy, almost 2 months old, is getting close to Charlie's weight.  Here he is with his adorable smile.  I loved photographing him.
Charles and I played in the ocean with my niece Amaya.
One morning we walked down to the pier.
 Out of the windows of our beach house we often saw dolphins.  There seemed to be a little family that would come right in the surf and play around for a good long time.  It was the best that I have ever been able to see the dolphins.
 I was randomly filming Colleen's little girl Tara when I caught the funniest thing on camera right at the end.  I actually didn't know it happened until I watched it later.
We spent a day at Sea World.  Charlie did great, finally learning to leave his hat on most of the time.

 Of course Charlie had to soil his pants twice while in the park, but he did great with and without pants on.
 We got to see the bat-rays.
 Touch the feeder tubes for the seals.  Ick!
 We went through a tunnel with sharks swimming around.
 The Shamu show was at night and we didn't want to stay that late so we visited the many Shamus during the day.
I caught one swimming by which was pretty cool.
 I got my picture taken with Shamu, or at least one of the many.
 While at Oceanside we made four ice cream cakes that were delicious: strawberry, lemon, chocolate-blueberry, and Oreo (pictured).
 Everyone played so many games.  A really fun game that we learned was Mao.  I often go through game phases, and I am feeling a new phase coming on.
It was a great trip!  Charlie did fabulously with all of the driving.  I loved every moment of it and am glad that nothing worse than Charlie catching a little cold happened.  I love spending so much time with my family, eating tons of delicious food, enjoying the beach with all my senses, and simply having a glimpse of what heaven will be like.

Visiting Great Grandma Varin

After St. George we went to Long Beach, CA to visit my French Grandma, Charlies' Great Grandma.
He enjoyed holding her hand and having her come with him.  Sometimes he went a little too fast for her.
 Charlie loved giving kisses to Colleen's girls who were also visiting.  Tara would run away from Charlie and then he would chase her to give her kisses.
 Here are all the cousins!
 Colleen's youngest, Gideon, fell asleep on me.  My pregnant belly fit perfect.  It looks like Gideon is giving my baby a hug :)
 Here we are with Grandma

Grandma Sandra & Grandpa Larry

After Zion National Park we spent an evening in St. George with my Mom and Larry.  We walked down to the little splash pad and kiddie river/waterfalls.

 Charlie liked watching the water on the splash pad more than being near it.

 I am soaking wet since I had to hold him for a little bit.
 Afterwards we went over to the St. George Temple.  I wasn't thinking and didn't bring any pants or a regular diaper for Charlie.  We just hoped for the best that Charlie wouldn't poop and that the towel would soak up all the urine.

Zion National Park

Our little family and Charles' sister, Angela, went to Zion National Park for three days.  We had tons of fun!  A lot of these photos are from Angela (Thanks!)
Day 1:
 Pa'rus Trail

 Charlie didn't get the concept of a water bottle.  He tried to put the entire opening in his mouth not realizing he would drown himself.  We consequently had to stick to using a baby bottle for his water consumption.
Kayenta Trail which fed into the Upper Emerald Pool trail

 Over priced smoothie, but still well worth the $4 since we were beat because we didn't realize how hard and long the Kayenta and Upper Pool trails were.  I have never felt so exhausted before.  Props to Charles for carrying Charlie almost all of the time.
 Day 2: My Mom and Larry who live in St. George came up one day to hang out with us.
Weeping Rock Trail 
Little river at the base of the trail where we found this crazy pink plant growing in the water. 

Riverside Walk, this trail leads to the beginning of The Narrows.
The squirrels at Zion had no inhibitions.

 Look, I am standing on water :)
 I think this is the funniest picture ever!
 At the mouth of the trail to The Narrows.
The squirrel wouldn't go away while I was feeding Charlie.  I went to swat at it thinking it would move before I hit it, but it didn't.

Day 3:  We were at a shuttle stop here using the restrooms before our hike.  Charlie and Angela patiently waited.  Another shuttle came by and Charlie decided to wave to everyone on it.  Angela said that he got quite a few people waving back at him.
Lower Emerald Pool Trail
Waiting outside the gift shop Charlie decided that he could stand up all by himself.