25 September 2016

The End of Summer

This is going to be long since I am so behind.  We had a great rest of the summer, here are the highlights.

Elizabeth loves high heels, surprise, surprise.

Henry looks like he is popping out of the grass.

We loved the rain when it came.

And the hail when that came.  Collecting and then eating it was the best part.

The boys grew some wicked, awesome muscles during the summer from all of their "working out".

Charlie started school!  The first day of Kindergarten was way harder than I ever thought it would be.

Henry and Lizzy always love to hear about his day.

We have enjoyed swimming in the backyard.

Eliza is just starting to get into dolls.

We went to the Payson Onion Days Carnival

And then their parade the next day.  Annette's cousin Kassie and Annette's brother Evan were a lot of fun.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the cool cars while eating a free snowcone.

And then Charlie went down the slip and slide a ton.

Charlie is well behaved so much at school that he gets to go to the treasure box often.  He loves to show his siblings what he got.  After he got the blue mask and shared with them he told him that he would get them some masks to next time he got to go to the treasure box.

We visited the park that will be right next to our new home.

When out shopping with Mommy and grandma Sandra, Henry gets bored and entertains himself.

Lizzy likes to follow suite in whatever the endeavor.

One Sunday Henry thought that we all looked so nice we should take some photos.

Charles continued that same idea after church.  Annette found some photos of herself on her phone later.

When Lizzy can't wait for dinner she doesn't really complain.  She swipes food off of the counter when Annette is not looking and starts chowing down.

The kids have loved having Annette's Playmobile "Sets" out. 

We have some very intelligent meals ;)

We spent a Saturday at BYU exploring at Charlie's request.  Campus is a lot bigger when you have three children with short legs.  We didn't even see half of the main highlights.

We have been rooting for the BYU football team even though they are struggling this year.

We are trying out ideas for Halloween costumes.

When we go out shopping and Annette wants to take a photo of something that she likes, Henry enjoys inserting himself into the photo.

We have had a great summer and are ready for fall and winter to come.  We are enjoying Charlie in school.  And we are excited to move into our new home in a few weeks.

01 September 2016

Hatch Family Reunion

The drive to Oceanside was long, but fun with the lions/t-rexes/bears/scary monsters in the backseat.

We "enjoyed" going to the pier by crying the entire way and being dragged.  Lizzy's second cousin kept wanting to hold her hand, but Eliza was feeling too independent at the moment to have any of it. 

 It was so fun to see the fish that the fishermen caught.  Annette was impressed with how long the fish kept moving after being out of the water.  Pretty impressive.

The ocean was magnificent!  Annette can still smell the salt in the air, the wind in her face, and the sound of the crashing water when looking at this picture.  She can also hear her children crying about being tired, too :)

 Once we found some shade the kids had endless energy.  How odd?

Charlie hung with Annette's college cousins who he knew well and also ran in groups with the boys a little older than him.

Evan trapped Elizabeth under a basket.  She didn't even realize she was trapped, but thought it was a fun house.

We ate one night at the Sunset Market which had lots of delicious food to try.

We wrote our names on leaves for a family tree.  I ended up changing all of ours after this so they looked better.

Puppy Dog was how Elizabeth introduced herself as to everyone.  At one point Puppy Dog sat under a table to read good book.  She ended up getting a benched pushed into her by everyone that walked by.

One of Elizabeth's lenses popped out and so Annette walked down to Rite-Aid and got a glasses screwdriver to fix it.  It took her a while to put it back together again, but she did it!  She was pretty proud of myself.  Since then she has had to fix it almost weekly.

Evan was quite a tease to the kids.  They loved it while at the same time feared him and the tickles that might befall them.

Here are our family photos.

We sure missed Charles for the reunion!

We enjoyed the beach immensely.  I didn't take my phone down there for fear of sand getting in the cracked screen.  The boys enjoyed the sand and were constantly digging.  Lizzy constantly wanted to be in the water swimming.  Annette did get to go swimming in the water which seemed much warmer this year than ever before.  Annette got sunburned despite sunblock and Lizzy was on the other end of the spectrum with an incredible tan despite sunblock.  This is a picture of Annette's arm (tannest ever in her life) next to Lizzy's legs.  She got Charles' genes for sure.

After being home the kids wanted to be like Annette's cousin and wrap their shirts around their head.

We had a wonderful time at Oceanside and enjoyed all of the familial relations.