21 February 2016

February Catch Up

Most know already, but Henry got glasses!

We have enjoyed the beautiful fog we had for a few days and the ice on the trees.

The kids were sick for a while.  I love it when they take naps during the day!

Valentine's was very exciting!

Charles got me the perfect gift for Valentine's! 

We went to the Museum of Art at BYU to see the Norman Rockwell collection.  They had this beautiful display of strings in their front lobby while we were there. 

We tried taking a picture of the kids all together and it failed.

Elizabeth may not just love dolls, but she sure does treat her dog like a baby.

Charlie built this amazing tower out of Jenga blocks. 

Henry looks like he is getting his PhD already. 

The boys built an awesome fort under the deck.  Charlie wanted me to take some action photos and not just standing still smiling.

The kids loved the warm weather on Saturday