18 December 2013

Merry Christmas!!!!!

If you are not a grandparent of ours then you are not getting a Christmas card.  That is our final family ruling on Christmas cards.  So, here it is for the year.  One quick disclaimer; I dislike this photo, but it was the best out of the million that we took and we had to get to church.  Of course, on this photo the flash did something weird and washed us all out and Henry looks funky.

We are enjoying Pennsylvania and all of the new adventures we are having.  Charles is enjoying his work and all of the home projects that are keeping him busy.  Annette tries to keep things running smoothly while watching her tummy grow and grow.  Charlie enjoys things that go (trains, airplanes, cars, trucks), playing with Henry, using the potty, and telling us everything that crosses his mind.  Henry has a vibrant personality and is easily excited by his new discoveries in life.  He is on the verge of walking and loves to play with Mommy's hair.
Merry Christmas!!!

Train Ride

We went for a fun, old-time train ride down south near the border of Maryland.  It was put on by the BYU Alumni, Susquehanna Valley Chapter.
It doesn't look like it in the picture, but Charlie was SUPER EXCITED about the train ride. 
 He talks about the train ride multiple times a day.
There were snacks and water for everyone.

  Henry was also SUPER EXCITED about the train while we were on it.  He kept making his excited face and squealing for joy.
 The train was painted very old timeish.

Charles went to take a picture of Charlie and me in front of the train, but it was on video mode, so you get to see the screen shot of the video.

 They had a fun train for the kids to play with in the gift shop so that the kids didn't destroy the place.  They had a replica of the train going around on a track up mounted around the perimeter of the ceiling.  Henry kept reaching for it and was kind of upset that he couldn't reach it and we wouldn't give it to him.

Selfie With Charlie

Back when Charlie was about four months old I took this photo with him.
The other day we took these photos together.  It is fun to see how much he has grown.

Sick Little Kiddos

Sick kids can be hard, but with a camera it is fun to take pictures of their cute little pathetic-ness while sick.
Henry fell asleep on Charles' arm.
 Henry found one of his blankets in the clean laundry and fell asleep with it on our bedroom floor.
 The boys won't ever sit quietly and watch movies if I am not there sitting with them.  They were sick enough to finally do it though.  They watched lots of learning videos on YouTube.