16 August 2014

Family Portrait

I am sure that you are all dying to see the cute family pictures that we had taken of our family.  Well, here you go.  And all of the props in the photos are ours.  The red chair we got for free on trash day.  The lady had tried to sell it at her garage sale (I almost bought it), but never did and wanted to just get rid of it.  I really like the chair.  I am actually sitting on it right now while I type.

11 August 2014


We didn't go to the Hatch Family Reunion this year, but we did get our shirts in the mail.  We love them and will be there next year for sure!

When Elizabeth nurses she loves to rub the back of her head.  It is super cute.  It is like she is trying to find some hair to play with.  Poor little baldy :(

I love Elizabeth's eyes!  They are always so stunning.

Henry and Charlie often like to hang out with Elizabeth when she is lying down anywhere.

As of late, I started photographing other things besides my kids, like our herb "garden."

Photographing a bumblebee is SUPER hard since they are always on the go.

But it is really easy when they are dead....or you assume they are until they fly away after messing with it for five minutes taking photos and moving the oregano all around.

I really like this one of our cilantro gone to seed.

Elizabeth LOVES eating her little hands.  Charles is bound and determined to break her of the habit.  He broke the boys fairly young, but Elizabeth is a bit more determined.

I love Henry's cute little smile here. 

Henry LOVES dryer sheets.  My mother taught me to reuse dryer sheets until they are fully used, but Henry always steals them before I can take them back to the laundry room.  His little eyes light up and he shouts, "SHEET!" whenever he finds them.  He finally stopped eating and cuddling with my hair because of dryer sheets.  It is wonderful to finally be able to do my hair and know that it will last a little bit longer.

Cute Charlie!  The boys love doing stunts.  Henry will stand up on my hands and totally let go of my feet and then bounce, but yet have amazing balance while my arms are fully extended.  I really need to have Charles take a picture.

We went shooting with the Drakes to educate them about guns.  It was SOOOOO FUN!  I had such a fun time and they seemed to generally enjoy it.  I haven't really gone shooting since high school (well I did go once with Charles when dating) and I was very pleasantly surprised how good I was.  My very first five shots were all within a circumference of my palm, in the middle of the target.  While we were gone our babysitter did an excellent job babysitting.  Both of the boys were completely zonked out when we got home.

Oh, to keep you in suspense, we took professional family portraits and I am dying to see them!  The boys did amazingly well and Charles was extremely cooperative.  Elizabeth gave her usual batting of her piercing blue eyes.