07 July 2013

Park & the Cuteness of Henry

We went to our favorite park once again in Lower Allen Township.  (Yes, I know, you probably don't know what the word Township means.  Neither do we.  I have been trying to figure it out.  The best that I can figure out and it may not be all the way correct is that a county is divided into townships and boroughs.  Boroughs are downtown city centers and townships are the country areas.  Townships are then divided into villages.  The village that you live in is what you would put on your address.  This may be a little wrong, but then someone needs to correct me.)
Charlie can pretty much do this rock climbing thing on his own, but Charles still helps a little bit.

For the longest time Henry did not want to sit up and then last week he decided that he wanted to and did it just perfectly.  He hardly ever tips over.  He can now enjoy life from a different view.  Here are some cute faces of Henry playing in the bark chips.

He can do the splits REALLY well.
"Wow, look at that fun bark!  I didn't notice it there."
"Let's try this out."
"That wasn't as good as it looked."
"Well, at least I got some good fiber in my diet."

Okay, now here are some way cute photos of Henry at the hotel.  He looks so good in a hat.

His mouth is pretty much always open.
Fun squeals are always coming from Henry.

Charlie and Henry having fun naked and in hats.

The other night after I got the kids ready for bed I let them play around a bit.  I looked over and found Henry like this.  Arm out of sleeve coming out the neck hole.  No snaps were unsnapped.

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