07 July 2013

Fourth of July Weekend

This photo doesn't have much to do with the 4th of July, but I wanted to put it up to show how Henry is so good at using his feet to play with his toys.
 For the 4th everyone was invited out to a ward member's home on the lake to party.
 The onesie that Henry is wearing is the one that Charlie wore last year.  It fit them exactly the same.  Charlie wore it at just over a year old and Henry fits into it at seven months.

We took turns peddling out on this tricycle boat type thing with Charlie.  Speed was not the goal for sure.  Charlie loved the lake and could have spent the entire day out on the lake.
Charles noticed that this tricycle was made with love and pride in Yorba Linda California.
 Henry enjoyed the grass and all of the company he got from the people playing with him.
 Sparklers!  Charlie understood that they were hot, but apparently didn't really get that it would hurt.  He singed his shorts right after the photo.
 Daddy helping Charlie practicing fire safety.
 Sparklers again since it was so fun the first time.

 And he was done.
 Time for the huge fireworks!  Charlie thought it was the greatest thing ever.  Everyone on the lake contributed to a large fireworks display and it was pretty darn good.
Charles took a few photos of the fireworks. 

Nothing much happened on Friday, but Charlie did get tangled up in his shirt.  He is always trying to take off his clothes and this time it backfired.  He got one arm out of the shirt but was getting frustrated that the other one wasn't coming out, too.  His right arm ended up going back down his neck hole and he was trapped.

On Saturday we decided that we would go visit Harrisburg sights such as the capital, a few museums, and parks.  When we got there we couldn't find any parking.  There was "state employee parking" and empty parking garages that were locked down and "feed the meter" parking.  We would have fed the meter if we had quarters, but we didn't.
So, we decided we would drive about two hours to Philadelphia.  On the way we saw these mile marker signs that were every tenth of a mile.
 As we reached Philly we saw an exit for the zoo.  We decided that would be a great fun family activity.  Here we are, minus me, in front of "Monkey Junction."  With Charlie acting like a monkey.
 We weren't planning to be away from home so long and I hadn't packed a lunch so we stopped and got a little food in the zoo.  We tried to get food before going in the zoo but we couldn't find anything.  We had ended up driving through an awful part of Philly.  It was the most dangerous looking part of the world that I have ever been in.  It was all row homes, with some of them having been boarded up and condemned.  The people looked like they were all ready to kill you if you did anything they didn't like. I have been in some scary neighborhoods before, but I always felt pretty safe in the car, but this time I didn't feel that safe even in the car.  We decided that we valued our lives and paid the high price of food in the zoo.

 We never did make it into the heart of Philadelphia, but we got to see it from a distance.

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