19 January 2010

An Eventful Breakfast

Yesterday morning as Charles was cutting a loaf of hard bread, there was a little slip of the knife and a deep wound in Charles' finger. He was a very good patient as I helped to dress his wound. Thankfully it happened on his pinky on his right hand (Charles is left handed). It seems to be going well and we are keeping everything very sanitary.

January 18th, was our 6 month anniversary! We went out to our favorite restaurant, Goodwood to celebrate! With that we decided to finally print out a few large prints from our wedding to put in a frame we got. It looks very nice, Costco did a wonderful job.

School, school, and more school! My classes have been great fun. I am figuring out how I need to study for my classes. Read the book in one class and pay attention to lecture in others. I just wish there was a standard way to just take all classes, but that would take away the fun of failing the first test! ASL is obviously my favorite class! On Monday we will be presenting our ABC Story, where you have to use the hand shape from the letters in the alphabet and use them to tell a story. My story is about taking care of a baby, changing the diaper and it spitting up on me. I have practiced with other people in my class and they all find it funny.

I feared that my Language Structure (aka grammar class) would be the bane of my existence this semester, but I absolutely love the way that it is taught by my teacher. We go through lots of information, but it all just makes sense. It is possible for a weakness to become a strength.

Charles has started playing in the Stake Basketball Tournament. He has been having lots of fun and doing very well. It is hard though when the games are so late at night. One night when he had his bball game we also had to help sanitize the nursery toys. It made it a little hard, but thankfully we had all of the couples in nursery come and help. Many hands make light work.

Friday Charles went on a hike with his uncle Karl up in Eagle Mountain. They had a fun, long day together. Here is a picture that Charles took while up on the mountain.

11 January 2010

So much to say about the last little while...

For Charles’ Christmas present he got a bike for a really great deal. Right as we were leaving, Charles decided to ride his new bike down the stairs, unfortunately he hadn’t adjusted the seat to the correct hight and as he went to sit back, he couldn’t because it was too high. Charles fell flat on his face. I was so embarrassed. Charles thought it was hilarious. We don’t have much room in our little apartment (more to come on that), so we decided to hang it from the ceiling above our lengthwise dresser.

We spent Christmas in Utah with Charles family, but right afterwards we went down to Orange County to be with my family. My brother, David, just got home from his mission and it was great to see him again after two years. We had lots of fun in CA which all revolved around all of my extended family. It is always fun to see everyone again. We were able to do a session in the Newport Temple. I haven’t been inside since the Open House and it was absolutely beautiful.

We haven’t known how large our apartment is, but have kept wondering. One evening we decided that we would finally bust out the measuring tape. It was a really rough measuring job, but we believe that our little basement apartment is about 612 square feet and that’s a GENEROUS estimation.

Charles’ job hunt is coming along, he recently had a phone interview with a company in the medical field. We are thinking of expanding Charles job search to the entire nation because the only thing keeping us in UT is me at BYU, but I can transfer to a school near a new job any where across the nation. Trying to find schools for me with ComD and higher division ASL classes has been a bit tricky, but the search is continuing.

School started for me last week. I will really enjoy my classes this semester which consist of ASL 102, Assessment and Treatment of Articulation and Phonological Disorders in Children, Language Disorders (a follow up course from last semester’s Language Development), and Language Structure (aka grammar). I feel like I am finally a full fledge college student since I finally had to buy a HUGE, THICK text book.