23 July 2013

More Park

Annette told me to make up stories for these pictures, so I will.  The following picture is of Henry eating wood.  Apparently we don't feed him enough.
This is Henry acting pleasant even though Daddy was trying to explain how one could use Calculus to figure out how much water the slide could hold at any given time.
This is Daddy telling Henry about how he gets to pay for all of his daddy's bills as the national debt goes through the roof.
This is Daddy telling Henry that his father has found an arranged marriage partner for him so he doesn't have to wade through dating someday (it was hard to find someone even close to as perfect as his mommy and that's saying something since little children are perfect).
This is me helping Henry do jumping jacks.
This is Henry looking deep into the camera to make sure you all understand how cute he is.
This is Henry admiring Charlie's mad jungle gym skills
This is the last time they will ever want to/be able to swing in the same swing.
This is Henry's violent side coming out.  Charlie took that one in the chops like a man.
This is Henry laughing at Annette's difficulty in getting him out of the swing.  I'm surprised his arms were dislocated.
This is Charlie who is glad that is over.

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