05 July 2017

Charlie is now 6 years old!

Charlie has turned six years old!  He has been looking forward to this birthday for months.  He says he feels much older now.

Charlie has come a long ways in these six years and we are glad that he is such a healthy little guy.  Charlie loves to look through Annette's anatomy books and learn all about the body.  Once Charlie and Annette had a discussion about what specifically had been wrong with his heart.  After a thorough explanation and explaining what would have happened without the aid of doctors his eyes grew big.  The idea of being a sickly child all his life and then dying young helped him appreciate his good health.

Charlie most recently finish Kindergarten at APA which is a charter school down the road from us.  He has learned so much while being there and made some good friends.

One of Charlie's favorite things is dinosaurs.  This has been one of Charlie's greatest works of art to date.

Charlie is a wonderful helper out in the yard.  He is always asking what he can help with or where we want him to dig.

Charlie is a wonderful little guy who is very helpful and likes to help keep the house clean.  He loves going out and doing fun things with the family and is always happy and content.

Charlie takes after Charles in everything associated with math and science.  Charlie taught himself the concept of multiplication while in Kindergarten.  

Charlie is such an amazing kid and we love him to bits.  We are so glad Charlie is in our family.