27 June 2016


We went on an adventurous bike ride up Provo Canyon to Bridal Veil Falls.  We stopped along the way for a potty break and to climb.

We arrived after arduously pulling the kids behind our bikes.

We enjoyed seeing the falls.

We hiked up the side of the water fall.  The kids were very brave and tough.

Since the bike ride and hiking waterfalls wasn't adventurous enough we went swimming at the Provo Rec Center afterwards.

Elizabeth didn't last very long in the water.  While waiting she wore Henry's glasses for fun.  It seemed as though she didn't understand why his glasses didn't work for her like her own glasses work.

Charlie (green swim trunks) was brave and began laying in the water on his back and pretended swimming.

After all of the excitement Elizabeth began fake sleeping on Daddy.

On Memorial Day we enjoyed seeing the graves of Daddy's grandparents and then played with Grandpa Tom at his home.

We went camping!

We had such good helpers to put up the tent.

We think it was a day camp site because there wasn't a real fire pit and there was a sign that said not to make ground fires.  But there was already a ring of rocks so we just went for it.

The kids aren't so great at doing s'mores the traditional way.  They pretty much ate everything separate and not cooked.  That's how Annette did it as a kid.

Our 5 gallon water thing tipped in the back of the truck and got some things wet.  Charles dried my pillow by the fire and toasted it nicely.  Good thing Annette wasn't doing it since her marshmallows end up on fire.

We walked down to the lake which was very fun.

This is my kind of comfy camping sleeping.

Annette took the kids to Idaho to see Austin cousins while Charles was in Wisconsin learning about pumps.  There are no photos because Annette's phone died right before the trip.

We went to my cousin's wedding.  At the luncheon we were very couth licking our knives and acting ridiculous.  We ended the lunch with extra couthness by putting the extra fried chicken off the kid plates directly in my purse so that they would have food to eat later in the day.

While we waited for them to come out of the temple we got to wait in the rain.

The kids found the trash cans amusing.

While waiting for the reception the kids slept in the car while at a park.

Lizzy led the way on running around outside in the light rain after naps and food.

Scottlyn wasn't so adventurous.  She just stayed in the car keeping her dress all clean and being cute with her mama.

Henry pretends to be a cat so often that he has taken to sitting in boxes.

Here is our little athletic Lizzy.

We had a picnic at the park with the Thomas family.  They had a lot of fun in the stream.

By the time we were going home we had three naked children.

We went to David and Laura's house after Scottlyn's baby blessing. 

Oh hey, the foundation for our home was poured!  Some day we will actually move!