24 January 2016

Ice Castles and Salt Lake City

We went to the Ice Castles in Midway at Soldier Hollow.  The kids just loved standing in line, not.

But they did seem to enjoy it.

Going through the tunnels of ice was lots of fun.

It was so amazingly beautiful!

We had lots of fun and like any really fun activity it ended in crying :)

We enjoyed the drive through the beautiful Rocky Mountains up Provo Canyon.

We took the train to Salt Lake City.  The group pass was $15 for all trains, busses, and trax for all day for four people and our kids were free.  The kids had lots of fun!

Grandpa and Grandma were so much fun to be with!

As we arrived at the train station to get on the train Elizabeth threw up all over me.  I smelled gross and had to put my hair up since it was covered in barf.

Eliza liked wearing Grandma's gloves.

Hey look, there are the mountains!

We went to the Church History Museum.  The kids enjoyed the artifacts and paintings, but they LOVED the kids area.  They played in the "water" next to the boat.

We went to the Salt Lake Temple and enjoyed walking around.

We had a family photo at the doors of the temple.

What a beautiful temple that brings me peace and joy in my life. 

At the end of the day we took the train back home.  It was a bit windy waiting, and the kids learned patients.  Henry is acting like some sort of animal and looking ridiculous.

13 January 2016

Christmas in the Rocky Mountain Snow

We had so much fun for Christmas!  The night before we dressed up and did the Nativity.

Christmas morning was very fun.
The kids loved their toys.

Lizzy loved watching Grandma's merry-go-round.

The kids got some of Annette's Playmobil toys for Christmas.

We had a family photo which is always hard with a large group.

We played lots of games 

Sterling and Lizzy enjoyed being together.

Grandpa made three ramps for sledding.  The kids loved them!

Annette and the Austin girls dressed up in Grandma's pretty clothes.

We played a chocolate-wrapped-up game.

We also played "penny in the flour" game.

If you make the penny fall you have to get it out with your mouth.

The kids loved looking outside over the valley to see all of the homes covered in snow.

We enjoyed watching things upstairs and in the theater.  The kids all had so much fun and we enjoyed being with everyone.  The kids keep asking to go to Idaho to play with their cousins.  Henry's favorite person right now is Aunt Laura, his second favorite is Aunt Colleen.  He still asks where they are and if he can play with them.  I think we rejuvenated some great familial relations.