17 April 2015

Musical Martins

Here we have Elizabeth learning to play the clarinet.  She is getting quite good at destroying the reed while playing :)

Charles is giving Charlie viola lessons on a 1/16 size violin.  We got the violin on eBay for super cheap and Charles refitted it with viola strings.  I am personally pretty excited for our kids to start having their own instruments and learning music.  Charles will be a great, easy, and relaxed teacher.

Happy Birthday Little Lizzy

Elizabeth is quite a cute little girl!  She is sure growing up and really has a personality of her own.  She loves being with her older brothers, especially when she can get at their toys.

Little Lizzy has definitely learned to smile when the camera comes out.

And Henry and Charlie can never leave her alone in a photo.

Eliza can be dramatic at times with her whaling, but her cute face and bright blue eyes help us over look it :)

What a cutie!

She has so many good skills.  Drinking from a cup, signing "all done", waving, folding arms and bowing head for prayer, dancing, conducting music, smiling on cue, stacking blocks, putting blankets on her head, and being calm.  Skills she is working at includes growing hair, putting on clothes (which she loves), and walking.  She took her first steps on Easter morning.

She got a little piano from Grandma Jan and Elizabeth loves it!  I love the half smile.

After she plays for a few seconds she looks up waiting for us to clap.  The boys love to clap for every piano piece she plays.

Eliza has decided that she wants to use the toilet like her brothers.  The greatest thing is that she actually pooped while on the toilet!  Charlie and Henry were so proud of her and clapped a ton.

She is such a joy in our family and we love her dearly.  We love our Lizzy so much and couldn't imagine our lives without her.  She radiates sunshine in our lives.  Happy first birthday Elizabeth.