28 September 2010

Random thoughts by Annette

I have decided that everyone should work three genres of jobs in their lives.  These three genres are food, sales/retail, and menial labor.  I have worked these three types of jobs and think it has built my character... has given me greater respect for those people who do it.  I understand them better and have compassion on them.  I think about how I could make their job easier and less awful whenever I interact with them.

This Saturday Charles and I went to DI for a fun outing in the morning.  I REALLY like DI!  There were a lot of really neat things there.  Charles has always wanted some glass mixing bowls like what his parents have, so while we were there I saw a bowl that looked exactly like the one his parents have.  Charles was so excited!  He ended up getting four bowls that are similar and all stack nicely.  As we were picking them out, a lady started telling us all about them and how they are from the 60's, she must be a frequent DI shopper.

As well when we were at DI, I saw all of the goblets.  I have always loved goblets and since they were so cheap I got eight of them.  We also got our friend's birthday present there, they were salt and pepper shakers in the shape of a barrel with wooded handles with "Idaho" written on the side.  They were really cute.  I think I will be doing more of my shopping at DI for everything from now on.  I am still a little bit sketchy on the clothes there.  I did however get two sweaters there, one for me and one for Charles.  The sweaters are part of our Halloween costumes that I have started to think about.  I am proud of myself for figuring out our costumes before the 31st.  I don't know if I should let the entire world know my fabulous idea though, but I'll give you a clue...

20 September 2010

ER Visit and fun things like that

I know, I know, everyone is thinking that we like to visit the ER and just hang out there.  Unfortunately I was the patient in intense pain and scared I was going to die.  I had woken up with pain and then after taking a shower and throwing up my body went numb, started shaking uncontrollably with my muscles constricting and I could not do anything.  Before the worst started I called Charles to come home NOW.  He came home saw that I was completely pale, so he rushed me over to the ER at the BYU Health Center.  I threw up again and and they gave me an IV and a shot for pain.  They took a blood and urine sample.  They said that it al looked normal and they would only know more information if it happened again.  They hypothesized that I was simply dehydrated, but I am quite a bit skeptical of that.  Others have hypothesized of an ovarian cyst, I was talking to one of my friends during lunch and she said that the exact same things happened to her, including the convolutions.  But with her they actually had her go to a real hospital where they did more tests.  But I feel better now and surely don't want it to ever happen again to know why it happened.

As well on Saturday, Charles helped his sister with a fundraiser that she put on on Saturday.  It was a large yard sale and bake sale and since we have a vehicle with a towing ability and have friends with a trailer, Charles spent a lot of time hauling donated things to the fundraiser to be sold.  As well he would haul items to people houses if they couldn't.  He provided a great service to the cause.  They said it was pretty successful, but because they had SOOO much donated, they will be re-holding the yard sale again next Saturday.

Charles' coworker had a little party in which we attended.  It was interesting.  We were the only "true Utahns" there, as she put it.  It was an interesting experience to be around a bunch of people that were drinking, but it really didn't feel like we shouldn't be there.  They are used to the Mormon culture and didn't even think twice about us not drinking.  Most people that do drink and aren't used to Mormons, think it is absolutely strange that people wouldn't at least drink socially.  We did leave once the hard alcohol came out and they started taking shots.

08 September 2010

Our Life as it is Now..

I finished my Summer classes and am now starting Fall semester with Hearing Science, Speech Anatomy, Biology 100 (yes, I know that I am a senior, but I really just haven't wanted to take this class), and English 316.  I am pretty excited, I have never had a semester with so few classes and am excited to be back in school.  Other good news that recently happened was as work.  I get payed $10 an hour, but my boss told me that this year they were doing 3% raises for people who have worked there since February 1st, unfortunately I didn't get hired till February 4th.  She didn't know if I would get the raise.  I thought, no big deal, what my salary would be $10.30 an hour.  So on Friday when I looked at my pay check I saw that my hourly rate was $12 an hour!  Wow I don't know how that happened, but I hope that wasn't an error on their part. . . I guess we will see next Friday.  Could they take it away if they made a mistake?

My baby, I mean my computer, recently went to the hospital, I mean the Apple Store, in Salt Lake for a simple repair on the hinge.  Since it was still under warranty it was fixed for free, but when I got it back the screen no longer lit up hardly at all when I turned on the computer.  So we rushed the baby to the ER, sorry, I mean we dropped my Mac back at the Apple Store again.  They said that since it was  their fault it completely broke and was not repairable that they gave me a credit for a new computer, I did although decide to upgrade to a MacBook Pro, 13".  It is so beautiful!!!  Now I have a new baby (my computer is my temporary baby till we have a few of our own, but before that I have my Mac)

On Sunday Charles and I substituted for a primary class of ten year olds.  I forgot what ten year olds are like, short attention span.  I think we did a fairly good job of teaching.  We got through all of the scriptural material about half way through the class and then spent the next half of class applying it in our lives.  It was hard to tie some of their random comments into the lesson, but I think it worked out all right.

On Friday my Mom and Larry came into town and took us and all my cousins who are hear at school out to Brickoven.  It was a fun dinner with everyone!  It was fun to hear what everyone was up to and such.