26 October 2009

A busy week

This week, I have been taking midterms, not the most fun thing in the world, but it is exciting to really understand everything I have been learning in class and make lots of connection in the material. I seem to have a lot of moments where the light bulb finally goes on.

The TCU vs. BYU game was a depressing game since we just killed ourselves. It didn't help when we left the game early at the end of the 3rd quarter and we still hit a lot of game traffic of people leaving early.

Charles has been asked by his work to go on a business trip in February to Dallas, TX. I am allowed to go with him, but Klune wont pay for my flight, but we figure we can still make a pretty fun vacation out of the trip. I have never been to Texas so it will be lots of fun.

In Nursery we have two new couples that will be with us, so hopefully we will be able to have some Sundays to go to our classes for the 2nd and 3rd hour.

This week has been pretty busy with school and regular life things and I think that is all for now.

19 October 2009

Just a Little Fun

Nursery this week was so unusual. There were no major rabble rousers and as time progressed we lost a lot of kids who were leaving early. By the singing time, we had 8 adults and 4 kids. It was a pretty easy Sunday.

As some of you may know, I am taking ASL and am part of the ASL Club. This week we had a deaf panel where we could ask them any sort of questions ad they would answer them. There were a lot of different type of deaf people. We had a woman that went deaf in her 30's, a person hard of hearing, a person who was deaf when born, a deaf person who had an implant for him to hear, and a person who learned ASL once born since his older brother was deaf. It was interesting the different view points that they had because of their backgrounds. It was neat to see that none of them feel restricted by their lack of hearing. One interesting thing that I learned was how deaf people give blessings. They start the blessing with their hands upon their head, sign the person's name with one hand and then take both hands off and sign the blessing for the person to see. They put their hands back on the head to end the blessing. They said that is the general way they do all ordinances, it has to start and end with the hands in the correct spot.

Well, that is all I can think of right now. Charles and I are having lots of fun and are doing great.

11 October 2009

Charles' Birthday & Annette's Wisdom Teeth

Charles’ Surprise Birthday Party

October 6th, Tuesday was Charles’ 29th birthday, so I decided that I would make it into a surprise. Charles new that I was keeping secrets about his birthday, but only thought that it was about his present. So, this is how it all went down. The morning of his birthday I put Charles’ present in the back of the car and told him he wasn’t to look in it. I also told him that instead of picking me up after school, that I would meet him at the duck pond just south of campus. Charles suspected that there may be a surprise there, but there was none. We chatted for a while about our days and then I let him open his present. He was so surprised when he found 29 different types of candy in the picnic basket. We ate at J Dawgs, which is one of my favorite places. I told Charles that we had to be at Rose’s place precisely at 6. There was no reason to be there exactly at 6, but it threw him off. He figured that there would be some sort of surprise there, but no. We sat and talked to Rose for and hour and as we were leaving Rose got in the car with us. Charles’ didn’t know what to make of. We got home and as he went in our entire apartment was filled with family and friends. It surprised Charles and he didn’t know what to think. The evening was really fun and went wonderfully!

New Phone

I finally joined Charles’ T-Mobile family plan with him once my awful contract with Sprint was up. It is so exciting to have a real phone and I can text too. I thankfully still have the same phone number.

Wisdom Teeth

My worst fear of having my wisdom teeth ripped out happened Thursday evening. We went to Stone Haven Dental, which I highly recommend, to have it done with IV Sedation, with one of the lowest prices for wisdom teeth and the best quality. Charles was my designated driver for the event. Before they stuck the IV into me they asked if I wanted a little bit of laughing gas to calm my nerves, most people love it, so I thought I would try it. Unfortunately it never kicked in, even after they turned it up higher, nothing changed. On the way home I apparently was sad it didn’t work and told Charles four different times that it didn’t work and it just made my nose numb. I told him for a 5th time the next morning when I woke up as if I hadn’t told him before.

Once they put the IV in me, I was down and out. Charles related the rest to me the next morning once I was cognizant. After the procedure was done, I would not wake up from the sedation for about 10 minutes. Dr. Tobler said it was a little unusual. My body was completely limp with absolutely no muscle being used at all. They had a very hard time putting my jackets on me with no help from me. I did keep rubbing my eyes though. They said that while they were waking me up that I would open my eyes, but seemed to look right through them. They eventually got me into a wheel chair and Dr. Tobler rolled me out to the car, but I was so limp that he had to hold my head upright so it wouldn’t fall over. Charles picked me up out of the wheel chair and as gently as possible dropped me in my seat. Although I was mostly asleep, I did request that my seat belt be put on. That is one habit that I would have to be dead not to hold on to.

On the drive home I could only make stop consonants with vowels, aka: garble. Charles would have to ask me to repeat things continually so that he could understand. Most of the time he never understood my garble, but when I really had something to say, I tried really hard. I would every once in a while get out a really word, like hot. Also while driving I started to use sign language to communicate to him, but I would continue to finger spell “say.” Charles thought that I had been trying to communicate something about my eyes hurting, so he didn’t understand the correlation between the ASL and English. He asked me to sign something else, but I was stuck with “say” in ASL.

When we got home Charles tried to get me to walk with his help, to make me wake up, but after a few steps I complained that my legs hurt, he thought I was going to collapse if he didn’t pick me up. I gave a half effort to jump into his arms, but it didn’t help at all. Charles thought it was cute that I would try to jump into his arms. He got me into the house and had me lay on our couch.

I was slightly waking up, but still don’t remember much. I asked to be put in my pajamas, but I had so little energy that I started just shaking from using so much energy. It was weird for Charles to see me go into mini convulsions from doing such a simple task. At home, Charles’ mom and sister came over to give us dinner, but i didn’t realize it for a while because I had such limited vision and only knew they were there because I could kind of hear them. Charles gave me a bowl of mashed potatoes to eat, but he put a fork into it, I normally wouldn’t have cared, but I just wasn’t awake and got perturbed that I had to use a fork. I although did have a distinct thought, "Charles has probably done a lot for me, since I am apparently home, so I guess its okay."

While being slightly cognizant, I asked for my chapstick, as Charles was putting it on, I wanted more and felt that Charles wasn’t doing a good enough job, so I decided to do it myself. Unfortunately, my motor skills were severely lacking and I was applying chapstick to my entire lower half of my face. It also didn’t help that my face was numb and I didn’t really know where my lips were. Charles kept trying to help me and I kept trying to do it on my own because I truly believed I was doing a good job. In the little struggle, I dropped the chapstick on the floor.

It was a very interesting experience to hear the stories from Charles the next morning of all the things that I did after the surgery. I am getting better and haven't swollen too much.

The actually taking out of the wisdom teeth went well and only one broke, but it went beautifully. Charles’ mom, Jan, took care of me on Friday at her home while Charles was at work. Charles took care of me on Saturday. Saturday was by far the worst day because I am apparently allergic to some of the medication that made me itchy. Sunday my appetite came back, but my energy was still a little low.

It has been wonderful to have such a carrying husband who thinks I am beautiful even without wearing any make up for the last few days. He has been helping me so much and wakes me up during the night so I can take my medication. One night he even stayed up with me for about an hour since I was in such pain and could not sleep.

Charles is very happy with how the UNLV vs. BYU game went down with a total killing of the Rebels.

05 October 2009

Our fun week

This week for the Martin family has been lots of fun!!

On Monday we had a birthday dinner at Sam Hawk which is a Korean restaurant. It was my (Annette) first time ever having Korean food and I LOVED it. My favorite was Duk Poki (that is at least what Charles said it was called).

On Wednesday we went to a little birthday party for Charles’ nephew, Matin, which was lots of fun. Seeing family is always great. Also, Wednesday was the first cold day. On Tuesday it was 80 degrees and on Wednesday it was about 40 degrees and just south of Provo it snowed! Winter will be here very soon.

On Thursday we attended the BYU Football Fireside which are held before each football game that they play. I happened to read in the BYU newspaper that it was going to be held, I had never been to one before, but Charles told me about them a while ago, so I figured it would be fun. It was great to hear from the football players one night and see them play the next evening.

On Friday, we saw my Mom and Larry who had come up to Utah for the BYU vs. USU game. Larry is a USU fan, but we will convert him to BYU soon enough. It was a pretty fun game and I of course took my camera to try to get a few good photos from such a distance.

This Saturday, Charles had to go into work to help with the inventory that had to be done. Thankfully Rose came over and kept me company during General Conference. Charles did come home half way during the second session of General Conference. It is always better to hear the words of the prophet with the one you love. Conference is by far one of my favorite times of the year and am thankful for the opportunity to be able to watch it on the tv in the comfort of our own home.

On Sunday between session Charles and I went for a walk up South Fork (I think that is the name) which was absolutely gorgeous! Fall has definitely come.