17 June 2017

Yellowstone Trip

We went up to Idaho to go on a little trip to Yellowstone with Annette's family and her sister's in-laws. It was very fun!

We stopped at BYU Idaho for about 45 minutes on Friday when we drove up.  We saw the Thomas E. Ricks gardens.  Thomas Ricks is the kid's great great great great grandpa.

On Saturday we did the north loop of Yellowstone.

The Visitor Center had lots of cool information.

We found some cool dogs that we petted.

Here is our Christmas card photo.  Just a few months early :)

Elizabeth loved all of the yellow stone since it is her favorite color.

The kids were really great with all of the driving!

Charles was a great driver during the entire trip.  He wasn't driving, but waiting for some of our carpool here.

Annette did great helping kids, passing out food, and navigating once we got a map of Yellowstone.

We saw a coyote.  Very exciting.

When the kids saw this photo they thought the sunbeam was a geyser.

I loved these trees that grew in a swirl.  Such beautiful colors.

The scenery was so beautiful!

We got to see a bison heard multiple times which was very fun.

And we saw a lone bison walking down the road backing up traffic. 

 On Sunday after church we went to a lake near our cabin.  We took a little walk around it.

On Monday we did the south loop.  Old Faithful was very exciting to see!

We walked around the area of Old Faithful and it was beautiful.

The Austins brought a heat gun thingy.  The hottest pool that I heard about was around 190 degrees.

Charles and Lizzy ran up to catch up to Annette 

We ate lunch in the parking lot. 

Eliza got a ride from Peter and loved it. 

On Tuesday we woke up to snow which was fun.

 On the way back home we stopped in to see Charles' uncle and aunt who are both professors at BYU-Idaho.  Charles' uncle gave us a mini tour of campus and his friend in the Special Collections section of the library showed us some cool stuff.  We saw a Bible from France made in the 1200's using animal skin for pages.  We saw a page from a Gutenberg Bible.  And we saw a first edition Book of Mormon.