17 December 2010

Freaky Family Frenzy Full of Feisty Formative uh…Youngsters

I never was very good at alliteration. This week ranks up there with some of the most crazy and different weeks in history. I do believe that the two World Wars and perhaps the flood that only Noah survived were more eventful.

My sister Allison and her husband Chris wanted to go work for a week at the BYU Bookstore during Textbook Sellback. I volunteered to babysit. I get there around 7:00 am and leave around 7:00 pm. They have four little kids; John, 5; Tanner, 4; Will, 3; and Brooke, not quite 1.

I’d forgotten what it’s like to be a kid, but BOY do I remember now! You NEVER stop doing something! I do have a better appreciation for mothers who claim that they get little done outside of maintaining the house.

You feed Brooke her bottle, change her diaper, answer endless questions, pick up toys, put Brooke in her nap, change Will’s diaper (as you attempt to potty train), break up fights, get them dressed to go play outside in the snow (finding missing glove…30 mins), let kid back in 2 mins later to potty, send kid back outside, snack time, can’t miss Dinosaur Train on TV, feed Brooke another bottle, change diaper again, play Wii, keep track at least half-heartedly of who’s turn it is next, pick up toys, do dishes, fetch toilet paper for child screaming from the toilet that it’s out, fetch kids out from under Christmas tree, clean up urine off of floor from potty training accident…

I’m not complaining. I did have Annette help for a couple hours each day. She’s studying for finals and has a part time job so she just helps when she can. Through all of the mayhem, I did find time to do at least one out-of-the-ordinary home improvement project. Day 1, I pulled the broken water filter off of the kitchen sink that the last tenants installed. Now the faucet doesn’t blast you in the face when you turn it on past a dribble. Day 2, I cleaned out the vacuum which had clogged filters and was past full. That was a couple-hour endeavor. Day 3, I replaced all of the burned out light bulbs around the house. I didn’t realize the house could be so bright. Day 4, I cleaned the stovetop which burst into conflagrations the night before. Somehow stuff spilled past the unit and under the stovetop. It might have been my fault. Day 5, I plan on cleaning the tub and behind the toilet. I don’t blame my sister for not wanting to clean those two things because really the landlord ought to deliver a new tub and toilet. They’re beyond what a good cleaning can really do. I might at least bring new caulk to put around the bottom of the toilet. Day 6, I plan on putting back up door molding that fell off. I just need a few nails and some spackle. This is another one of those projects that the landlord should probably be responsible enough to take care of, but probably won’t. Day 7, I haven’t figured out yet.

For our next blog…it looks like we might be getting callings. We have a meeting with one of the bishopric counselors on Sunday. I’m hoping to be the ward jester. Well, really, I want to be the ward webmaster since there are no pictures of the ward members online. How in the WORLD am I supposed to get to know this ward in a reasonable time span without names and pictures??!?!?!?! If I wait to get to know people the conventional way, I’ll never get to know/serve people fast enough before we move into the 10,000 square foot 10 acre ranch we have our eyes on.