16 August 2010

Change for the better . . . ?

So most of you know that we have been waiting on a home to close, well although we pestered the lending company three times a week for the last three months to make sure everything was in order to make sure that at least that area of this entire thing was fine, well on Thursday (I think) they called and told us that "Oops, we realized that we can't give a loan to a person with a 'temporary' title, if you want this to go through would you mind asking your boss to make you permanent?"

Let's just say that their little mistake was REALLY BIG!!! When Charles talked to them for the very first time he told them that he has a "temporary" title on his job title (due to the economy it is just easier for companies to do such things) and asked Veritas Funding (I don't normally like to use the names of companies on our blog if they have they pay a company to search for their name on the internet because I usually don't want them to find what I am writing, but I don't mind if they find this) if that would be fine. We didn't even want to look at houses if having a temporary job would hamper getting a loan. They have it in their notes on May 11th about all of this. They knew and still didn't say anything.

Charles called up a few other loan agencies to see if it is at all possible to get an FHA loan with a temporary title and all of them said that there pretty much is no way to do such a thing. Veritas should have told us that in the very beginning and saved everyone a lot of time, money, and grief.

Since we are only a few days away from closing and were hoping to be moved into our new home this weekend our landlord obviously had new tenants ready to move into the place that we were living so we had to move out. We are now living at Charles' parent's home. We hope to figure something out soon. If anyone has an extra chunk of money that they don't know what to do with, we wouldn't mind :) I do feel worst for our friends, Ben and Rose, who were planning on moving in with us and now they don't know what to do either.

We feel like we are kind of in limbo right now any suggestions are welcome call or email either Charles or me, I have more time at the moment to take phone calls and such though.

Charles's MBA requires a lot of time, but he is doing fantastic. He is working diligently, I am so proud of him!

I am done with my classes and think I did pretty well in them and am slightly burnt out from school, but that might just be the stress from not having a real place to live.

I am so thankful for Charles and his amazing attitude though all of this and sure hope things will happen quickly. My greatest hope is that Charles' boss will decide tomorrow that he should be permanent, I hope he has a big heart (mostly since after 90 days you are typically made permanent and Charles has been their a bit over 90 days).

I am now looking for place to rent that are large enough for two couples to rent but with cheap rent and no long contracts, aka I am looking for a house that people can't sell, but are looking for extra income with tenants that are willing to move out at a moments notice.

Lately... Just a Bit Crazy

So I started writing this a while ago, but here it is anyways....

Charles started his MBA and has been quite busy. I guess until we are both out of school we will either be at working or studying. I a sure that we will time to do things, but it will probably be kept to a minimum.

I have to favorite holidays, 4th of July and Christmas. Once one is done I start getting excited for the other. I am especially excited for Christmas this year because that will be our one breath of fresh air from schooling. We will have our little breaks between semesters, but I don't know how many of those will actually over lap.