18 January 2015

Winter in the Wild Wild West

We took the plunge of flying with all three kids on a 7AM flight to go to UT.  You are probably thinking, "That doesn't sound that early, buck up, get over it."  I will inform you that arrival at the Philly airport two hours early could be considered cutting it close.  And then you have to add the two hour drive to the airport.  Add to that 30 minutes to wake up, dress, load truck with luggage and cranky kids.  We were up at 2:30 in the morning; it surely was a plunge to leave so early in the morning.  We arrived all in one piece in UT and then had the drive to Orem before the festivities could begin.  Whenever we went anywhere during the trip Charlie would ask in a tone of dreading the change of location if we were getting on a plane or if it was far.  He was not ready to repeat our 10 hours of travel that it took us getting to Utah.

We visited Tom & Jan at their home first.  We opened presents all together and the kids loved the toys they got.  

We visited Ashley's family.  Charles and Annette went out with his sisters to Cracker Barrel and surely loved it.  Charles played racquetball.   Annette saw the 3rd Hobbit.  Showed the boys BYU.  It was a dream come true for Charlie.  We bowled there, also.  Annette celebrated the commencement of her life.

Elizabeth is in her new Christmas outfit with her new doll.

Everyone came over for Annette's birthday dinner.

Here's Annette's first photo as a 25 year old!  She still forgets how old she is.  She says she doesn't feel a day over 21.

Charlie learned  how to play CandyLand with Grandma.

Here are the kiddos in their new BYU sweatshirts.  They love them to pieces.

We drove to Grantsville to visit Sandra & Larry.  There was a huge accident on I-80.  So it took 45 minutes to go 1 minute's worth of driving.  Charles and Annette went to the Nutcracker.  Charles enjoyed the ballet more than he thought he would, but still not enough to go back to see another ballet.  Annette enjoyed it immensely and would go to another ballet for sure if the opportunity presented itself.  We spent the time in Grantsville with Annette's siblings.  All of the cousins had a blast playing with one another.

Sterling and Elizabeth were highly confused on who their mom was and had no problem going to their aunt.  It was so stinking adorable.

Gideon was so good with Lizzy.  Don't mind that her pants look like shorts :)

We hit Temple Square which was absolutely freezing at 7 degrees after the wind.  Don't we look so good with seven kids?

Lizzy and Sterling had lots of fun together.  Sterling made sure he drooled all over Elizabeth everyday.

Charlie and Henry had lots of fun with Gideon who is right in between their ages.  The three of them will surely be as thick as thieves soon enough.

It was such a great Christmas!  The boys are always talking about their grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, and their cousins.  I am glad that they can have good relationships with their extended family.  It was a blessing that we each were able to grow up with our extended families and hope that our children will continue to have the same opportunities with their extended family.