22 November 2015

The Big 3 for Henry

It's November again and Henry is one year older and wiser, too.  He is such a fun and happy boy who we love so much.  

He has such a cute smile that makes his eyes so squinty.

He is such a happy boy!

He loves to do fun, cute things.

He keeps us laughing with his cute antics.

He loves being with his siblings.

And he loves going out and doing fun things.

For Henry's birthday he had a fun chocolate truck cake.  He loved it.  Eventually we are going to have to put a little more effort into their cakes.

We went to the Living Planet Aquarium for his birthday and we all loved it.

Henry is such an amazing kid who we love so much!

17 November 2015

We moved to Utah!

Here is the map of our journey.

Here is one of our last beautiful sights before heading out on our cross country journey.

Here we are heading out Tuesday afternoon! 

Charles wanted to weigh the trailer and so we did so.  It was a bit heavier than expected and so we consequently never drove above 50 mph.

We saw some great alternate destinations along our way.

We drove west across PA, hit the north tip of West Virginia, and then went through Ohio.  We did not get pictures of every states' sign because it was to dark for some of them.

Worst roads ever.  Smooth before and smooth after, but I thought we were going to blow a tire in this state.

I really wanted to hit Paris, but Charles was sure they didn't have an Eiffel tower at this Paris. 

We spent an extra day resting at Charles' cousin, Debi's house in Missouri.  Nothing like resting from all that sitting we had been doing.

Hills like this were awful and we tried hard to avoid them. 

Charlie was the first to spot the Kansas City Missouri Temple.

Nebraska has these crazy little oasises all over the place.  They also have 4G along I-80 in this state.

Henry was so tired after driving one day that walk from the truck to the hotel was just so exhausting.

There was a large section of road that was bumpy.  Going 45 mph plus the trailer hitting the bumps and rocking the truck even more was lots of fun for the kids.

They loved putting Berenstain Bear stickers on their stuffed dogs.

They were all generally quite happy.

There were some drivers that did not appreciate us driving 50 mph, especially when the road went to one lane for road construction.  We got a few angry honks from cars and semi trucks.

 We didn't think that we would be passing Hershey on our way to UT, especially not in Nebraska. 

We were so excited to see 80 mph even if we couldn't go that fast.

I have been growing this pineapple plant for about half a year and Charles was sweet enough to deal with having it up front with us on our drive.

We finally arrived in Utah on Sunday, two days later than we had planned.  We were so excited to be home.  Our first week after arriving was spent sick.  I guess that's what we get for taking the kids into at least four gas station bathrooms a day for 6 days.  We we're bound to pick up a few germs.

After getting to Utah it was fun to look over our blog post of driving out to PA two and a half years prior.  The kids sure have grown.  And that trip was much shorter.