07 July 2011

Charlie's Second Heart Surgery

HAPPY ONE WEEK BIRTHDAY CHARLIE!!!  He gets his most expensive birthday gift today.

Little Charlie is currently in open heart surgery right now.  We hope it will all go well.  His first surgery through the left side was not sufficient for him.  His aortic arch was still just too small for him to be able to breath well enough and to get the oxygen he needs.

This coarctation of the aorta which he has is a genetic problem which is not related to his air bubble (pneumothorax) problem.  I am grateful that he had the pneumothorax so that the heart problem would be found.  It usually isn't caught until the child starts having liver problems down the road.

During my entire pregnancy I knew that the Lord had a great deal in everything.  From the beginning I have felt that everything that happens is for a purpose and that it will be exactly as the Lord would have it.  It is a great comfort to know that the Lord knows that we can handle this trial.

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