06 September 2009

First Week of School & BYU vs. OU Game

Hey Everyone Out There In The World

This week for me was my first week of school and I have been surprised how many people I have seen on campus that I know.

The classes that I am taking are:

Clinical Phonetics

Intro to Speech

Language Development

Sign Language

Writings of Isaiah

Country Social Dance

I am loving my classes so far and am pretty excited for them all. My ASL teacher is actually deaf and can speak minimally, so it is quite interesting. My Country Dance class will be quite fun it seems and since Charles has taken the class before, he will be a great help in my endeavors of passing since I am rhythmically challenged.

I made Enchiladas for this week from Colleen’s recipe. They were really good, but for some reason Charles just keeps calling it Lasagna. It is hilarious because right after I call it Enchiladas, he will still say Lasagna. I think we will be making Lasagna for next weeks meal (One meal for the two of us usually lasts about a week).

Charles cleaned our couch with his carpet extractor thing. It was amazing how clean the couch looked after ward even though the soap wasn’t working because the belt broke. Here is a photo of how dirty the water was after cleaning the couch.

This Friday I officially became a BYU Bookstore Employee. I work on the lowest floor in the Pack and Ship Department. With the new semester, my work at Grounds Crew ended, but I am very excited for my new job. I also now get 20% off at the Bookstore!! I let you know what I actually do at my job when I find out. I figured the Bookstore must hire people, but I never saw any job listings for them, so I went up to HR and asked if they had any openings. The lady looked down and said there were openings in Shipping, so I signed up for an interview that day.

BYU vs Oklahoma (Charles’ thoughts):

May I just say, "It's about time!!!!!!!"? I think I saw angels helping our players kind of like in the movie Angels in the Backfield or whatever that was called. All I have to say is that I'll still be surprised if BYU is ranked higher than OU. The press will say something like, "Well, they hurt OU's QB and they didn't beat them because they're better." And thus BYU will be ranked under OU. Oh, and in case you didn't watch the game, BYU--14 OU--13. 20,000 BYU fans got to jeer at 60,000 Oklahoma fans when their Sooners had more penalties than there are stars in the sky. It was also sad that their backup QB needed throwing lessons from my Grandma Thomas. Our defense was awesome, our offense was offensive (to their own fans) but it was a stellar game of two great teams in the most amazing $1,000,000,000 stadium ever built. We were honored to win the first game EVER PLAYED in it. It had a TV that spanned 60 of the 100 yard football field and it was in HD to boot.

Charles got a newer computer monitor from his parents who were upgrading and when Charles went to DI (thrift store) to get rid of the monitor, he was amazed when the DI employee informed him that DI only accepted flat panel monitors. How sad is it when DI wont even take your stuff. Well, I guess that means if you are looking for a new monitor, DI will have nice ones.

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Jimboborazzala said...

First college game played there, Chuckles, not first ever. Did you not see the highlights from the preseason game where the Titans' punter hit said massive HD TV?