21 September 2009

A Tribute to My Dear Sweet Wonderful Amazing Wife (and our parental units)

This weekend was quite a roller coaster. There was a thrilling 300 ft climb on Friday night when we went to Cirque de la Symphonie. I can't begin to describe how incredible that was. Then we hit the peak of the roller coaster (you know, that part of the ride that's not fun in and of itself, but it's a transitionary stretch to the next part) when we went to the World of Dance concert. It was OK, but really it was mostly just boring which is weird because usually I LOVE World of Dance. Then, there was that decent where you toss your cookies over the side of the roller coaster and plaster all of your friends behind you with puke. That was Saturday night when my worst nightmare came true and FSU spanked BYU like a red-headed step child.

On Valentines Day, I told Annette that one of the reasons I love her is because she is cultured and versatile. I shared a quote with her that I will share with you. Elder Callister said it so poignantly. "On the eve of his release, one of my fine missionaries during my tenure as a mission president spoke of a girl at home with whom he intended to renew association.

He inquired, “How will I know if she is the right one?”

I suggested, among other things, that he invite her to a cultural event. If she responded that this would be of no interest to her, then maybe he should pursue other alternatives. But if she had compelling spiritual qualities and could be enthralled by culture on Friday and love the athletic contest on Saturday, she might be the type of young lady he could choose as the mother for his children. It might be balanced and rewarding to be paired with her for eternity."

Annette was enthralled by culture on Friday and she at least pretended to love the athletic contest on Saturday. Heck, she probably loved it a lot more than I did. She even pretended to be really upset when we lost to make me feel better. How cute.

And now, a hearty thanks to our parents for raising us in such a way that people don't think we were born in a barn. Our parents taught us that we choose our disposition and how to live a vim life of exciting events. Or, we can be cantankerous curmudgeons. We are so blessed by our wonderful families (and friends) and hope that we can pay you back in some small way.

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