27 September 2009

Filled Week

(Annette) Life wasn't too exciting this week, but we sure kept busy with the many things that always seem to happen. I had a NSSLHA (National Student Speech Language Hearing Association) Club meeting for my major. On Thursday I visit taught both of my sisters in the ward. Life is very fun and rewarding. The only bummer about this week is that I was going to finish writing a paper on Isaiah on Friday, but of course I left my resource at home and now get to finish the paper this Monday. But also last Friday, we went to a birthday party for the wife of one of the families that Charles home teaches. It was lots of fun getting to know them better.

(Charles) We went to the temple. While this isn't highly unusual, it's one of our goals I'm glad we're achieving. We make it at least twice but usually three times a month. Someday when we're perfect at getting three in, I think we'd like to do weekly.

The BYU football game was OK. We came out pumped up and took advantage of the other team's nervous mistakes. I kept trying to get Annette to go to my grandma's house with me at halftime because I knew how much homework she had. She insisted that we stay and I'm glad we did because I would have been worried sick if I had been listening to it on the radio. We didn't pull away from them quickly and decisively enough until the end. I don't think we looked a ton better than they did for most of the game. Heck, their quarterback looked as good as ours. I'm glad we aren't going to somehow make it to some huge BCS bowl because I'm afraid we'd collapse under the pressure. We'll see if my opinion changes after the TCU game.

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