16 February 2014

Valentine's Day and the Master Bedroom

Charles did an amazing 12 Days of Valentines for me this year like he does every year.  He always gets the best gifts that are always very fitting.  The boys and I did a few little art projects and things for Charles leading up to Valentine's Day.  On the 14th I had the boys paint hearts with watercolor in the bathtub for Charles.  They LOVED it.  I am sad I didn't get pictures or a video of them actually doing it though.  I hung them up above the tub to dry.  When Charles came home we showed him the hearts and I had Charlie sing I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home (it was the song he learned this week in school).  He did a fabulous job.

We decided it was time to texture and paint our bedroom walls since we bought a bed (yea for a real bed!).  I was SO ready to not ever see this awful salmon color again (if you can imagine it, the color actually looked worse in real life than what this picture shows).  Ignore the complete chaos in these before photos.

We didn't texture/paint the walls in the two closets since that is where we had to put all of our stuff, so that will be next to do, maybe this week.

 When moving the bed out from the wall and using a broom to get toys and things out from under the bed I found this crayon that had lots of dust bunnies on it.  Having wood floors means that everything slides under the bed very easily.  I found Henry eating a few dust bunnies during the cleaning.  Ick!

Here are the after photos (laundry doesn't even stop for home improvements, dang)! 
I hadn't taken the tape off of the walls yet, but it looks beautiful!  I absolutely love it! 
 Henry enjoying the new found sanity in our bedroom.

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