01 July 2012

Visiting Charles' Family

I do not take credit for the following photos.  Charles' sister Angela is now our professional photographer :)
 Charlie's cousin Holly thought it was fun to say, "Hi" by smacking Charlie's head.  He put up with it pretty well.
But then he finally decided to go ... 
 ... visit Daddy and Grandpa.
 He does a very good stink bug crawl over hard surfaces.  He has become quite fast at it.
Some of the adults, including us, played croquet.  Charlie had fun chasing our balls and standing with us.  I love how the angle of the croquet stick is at the same angle as his lips :) 
 Here I am wondering which wicket to go to or asking about rules.  Here is a pretty good pregnancy photo of myself at about 18 weeks along, a week and a half ago.

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