08 July 2012


Charlie has grown up so much this year.  I can hardly believe that it has been an entire year.  He has learned so many things and grown so much!  Here are some fun things about Charlie:
- crawling super fast
- being on the verge of walking
- has seven teeth with the eighth just about to pop through any day now
- loves brushing his cute teeth
- finally learned to feed himself most foods
- loves playing with his toys
- knows how to turn on the two radios in the house
- understands a lot of words and commands even if he doesn't always obey
- jabbers a ton
- finally on the growth curve at the 4th percentile at a whopping 18lbs
- moves to the beat of the music
- loves being the center of attention
- sleeps 12 hours at night and most of the time takes two hour naps twice a day
- knows how to drink from a cup pretty well, but sometimes misses his mouth
- very happy little boy and doesn't cry about much
- high pain tolerance
- enjoys our cat
- helps me put on and take off his clothes
- wiggly during diaper changes but getting better
- sad when Daddy leaves for work (it is SOOO cute)
- good at having photos taken of him
- enjoys all types of food
- learned to playfully yell/scream extremely loud and piercing
- knows to go feet first off of the couch and bed
- can climb up stairs, but knows not to go down the stairs
- pretty much gets the idea of drawing on paper
- learned to roll a ball back and forth to another person
- tries to put things on his head and succeeds quite a bit
That is all I can think up at the moment.  I am so proud of him.  He has come a long way in one year!

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