01 July 2012

Charlie's Birthday

Charles bought me two bouquets of flowers the night before Charlie's birthday since they were a good price.  We have agreed that if he randomly brings me flowers when they are on a good deal then he doesn't have to buy them for designated flower-giving holidays.  As an afterthought, I figured that flowers were a good way to celebrate that I am the mommy of a one year old.  I know that during Charlie's birthday party I shared the sentiment that children's birthday's should really be to honor the mom that brought them into the world and have taken care of them for so long.
Back to Charlie's birthday party.  We did presents first since he had acted interested in them.
 I ended up doing most of the unwrapping ...
 ... and then letting him do the final little bit.
 But after a while he really couldn't have cared less.  (It looks like I am at a baby shower and not my kid's birthday.)
 We did finally get Charlie to take a picture with all of his presents.
I thought for sure Charlie would want to touch his candle and I was all for it.  I knew that either A) he would learn not to touch fire, or B) it wouldn't bother him since he has a high pain tolerance and it would be a good laugh for us.  Charlie wouldn't touch it at all and really didn't seem interested in it.  He was MUCH more interested at all the people around watching him.
Charlie did NOT want to eat his cake.  I even put some of the whipped cream (sweetest thing he has EVER had) and he did NOT want it.  What kid refuses cake?  Apparently my child.  That is fine with me.  Maybe for his 2nd birthday he will shove his cake in his face.
Side Note: We tried feeding him his cake today and he really didn't care to touch it.  He was fine with me feeding it to him on a fork, but he still didn't think much of it.
 Charlie did do one normal thing for a one-year-old birthday party.  He enjoyed the balloons.  Most of the party he was much more amused with all of the fun people and the cat when it was upstairs.
 Here is Charlie's official one year old photo!  I LOVE it!
After most people left besides the Grandparents, Charlie started walking!  What kid learns to walk on their birthday with all the Grandparents there?  He really seemed to love doing it and loved all the attention he got from walking quite a few steps by himself.  The funny thing is that today when we tried to get him to walk he didn't really care to.  He would rather crawl.  My conclusion:  He will perform when given attention by LOTS of people he knows and loves.  Otherwise, "Eh."

* Photos curtesy of Angela and Jan Martin

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Happy Birthday to Charlie!