01 March 2012

Up Too Late

I don't care to stay up this late but when Charlie is crying in the next room it is a little hard to sleep.

Charlie has been refusing to eat and sleep lately and has decided to do a lot of crying as pictured below.  I am pretty sure it is because he is hungry but will only eat a few bites of food and wants to nurse for the rest of his meal.  But "man shall not live by [milk] alone" (Matthew 4:4).  Now to quote from a less religious source, Ratatouille.  Anton Ego (the food critic) says, "I don't LIKE food.  I LOVE it.  If I don't love it, I don't SWALLOW."  I think that this fits Charlie's new found pickiness.

This is a TMI comment that you can skip: once babies eat solids their poop, lets say, "matures."  When this happened for Charlie, the thought crossed my mind, "I wonder if it could revert back if he was on more of a milk diet again?"  Bad question.  But I now know the answer.  Yes.  Unfortunately since he got used to pushing with mature poops he did the same with the milk poops which created quite a mess.

Here is Charlie in a happier mood than now.  We finally bought Charlie clothes.  This is one of them.   We got it at DI for $2 (I think).  There were a lot of really cute things.  Oh how I love the prices at thrift stores.  The only thing that I couldn't find was socks.  I had to go to Walmart for those and they were expensive!  A dollar a pair.  Maybe I haven't bought socks for a while but seriously there isn't THAT much fabric to warrant an entire dollar.   Oh well.

Charlie can't pull himself up like this yet, but does enjoy looking out the windows.  I am sure he will love being outside once it gets warmer and we have a little bit more of a yard for him to plan in.  I am sure that since he is a boy that he won't mind having tons of fun dirt to play in and to eat.

We had a visit from Grandpa & Grandma Thomas and Karl.  It was fun to have them out to our home.  I LOVE this shot of Charlie with his great grandma.

(Our walls really aren't this dark yellow, it just looks funny in the photo.)

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Rose said...

Seriously when there are the yard sales here you can pick things up for 25 cents can't wait. What socks did you buy I had to go to walmart and buy socks as well I got a pack of 10 for 3 dollars....