22 February 2012

Story Time -

Isaac Hall
Charlie Martin
Declan Coombs

Story 1:  Mr. Newspaper

Charlie:  What are you eating?
Isaac:  I bet you can't guess.
Charlie:  Something yummy?


Charlie:  Don't crawl away from me when I am talking to you!

Isaac:  See here, your mom gave me this Valentine's decoration to play with.
Charlie:  Mommy!  Look what Isaac stole!

Isaac:  No!  She gave it to me to play with. ... Right?
Charlie:  Mom, I can't believe that you gave Isaac some of your Valentine's decorations that I like to play with.

Isaac:  Ha!  Eye gouge, that is for ratting me out.  I think I'll call you Mr. Newspaper
Charlie:  But we didn't get in trouble.  I don't like that name
Isaac:  Doesn't matter.

Story 2:  Aren't I adorable!

Declan:  Look how sweet I am.  I am holding my hands so cutely.

Declan:  Ha!  Our moms aren't watching.  Eye gouge!

Declan:  Hey Mom, what's up? ... No, I don't know why Isaac left us.
Charlie:  Don't look at me, I am just an innocent bystander. 

Story 3:  The Middle

Declan:  They put me in the middle since I am the only one smiling.

Charlie:  Whatever, I bet I can get my head in the middle too.
Declan: Didn't work.


Declan:  Still in the middle!
Isaac:  I am going to karate chop you then Declan! ... Or...

Isaac:  Declan sandwich!  Ha!  Now you aren't smiling, you can't be in the middle
Charlie:  Dude, Declan, you are squishing my arm.

Isaac:  Fine, whatever.  I am going to look at the toy that is stuck on the wall then.

Declan:  Now we can sit here peacefully.
Charlie:  But I want to be in the middle.

- The End -

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Myrna said...

Love the stories and your little models, too! So fun!