18 March 2012

Life in Grantsville

Charlie and I went on a walk around our neighborhood the other day since it was in the high 60s and wasn't windy.  Charlie sure loves being outside.  (Charlie's eyes look a little creepy in this picture, sort of "Devil Child"-esque.)
Charlie enjoyed playing with the rocks in the dirt.  I have fond memories in my childhood of playing outside in the dirt.  We figured that we would start Charlie out pretty young playing in the dirt.  I think it is good for kids to play in the dirt.  They can play however they want and it won't hurt anything.  The dirt washes off easily from hands and face and Charlie's clothes don't stay clean much longer than a day anyway with or without dirt.  Might as well get them good and dirty.
Charlie loves to have a bowel movement during or immediately after a diaper change.  So one time I sat him over the toilet and let him poop right in it.  He did it!   Potty training, here Charlie comes!  Or maybe we will wait just a tad longer, maybe he should be able to walk first :)
Charlie is a pretty resourceful little munchkin.  Here he is using the bumpers as a pillow.  By the end of his nap all his bumper are pretty much all squashed down.  I love the little foot sticking out of his crib.  I do love that his crib isn't one of the huge ones, it will force him to learn how not to move so much while sleeping, I am sure that skill will be useful when we kick him out of his crib to a mattress on the floor and then to a real bed once he has proven himself worthy.
 Charles has been working on our basement.  Here is Charlie watching and learning how to use all of the fun power tools.  He had been playing with the paper he is sitting on in the picture.  When I came by with the camera there he was sitting on it.  I am glad that he is resourceful and knows how to add an extra layer to keep the cold floor from his cute hiney.
Here is a picture of Charles working on putting back some piping in our basement.  He had just previously worked on framing a part of a wall.
We all went to the Republican Caucus here in Grantsville.  It was fun knowing some familiar faces in our precinct.  For the heck of it, Charles ran for a County Delegate position.  He didn't win any of the three slots, but for winging his speech, and running against five other people who had come quite prepared with lots of good background, I thought that Charles did quite well.  He thought that he would only get two votes, his and mine but he got 17!  Not too bad when the most votes that anyone got was 30.  He said that next time we have a caucus he wants to actually have thought about it beforehand and have something real ready to say.

As for me, I recently finished curtains and drapes (long curtains) for our living room/dining room area 97.77% of the way.  I am about 75% of the way done with London Shades for our bathroom. Once they are 100% done I will add photos; in the meantime, you will just have to wait or come visit us.  I am thoroughly loving making curtains for our home.  I am not using any kind of instructions for them because I just can't find any that I like perfectly.  I have looked at a lot of ways to make curtains and just combine all of the ideas with a twist (usually big) of my own.  I am pretty excited.

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