19 January 2012


Most places about babies have a good list of what to look for with teething:
- Drooling
- Gum Swelling and Sensitivity
- Irritability and Fussiness
- Biting Behavior
- Refusing Food
- Sleep Problems

That is a nice and easy list.  Now lets see if Charlie is teething:
- Drooling: Nope, he used to drool a lot but it has actually subsided.
- Gum Swelling and Sensitivity: Well, he hasn't acted as if he has any.
- Irritability and Fussiness: Nope, he has been just as happy as a clam.  Well, that's not totally true, he was a little grumpy yesterday when he nap schedule got messed with.
- Biting Behavior: He has always chewed on his hand and now that he can get his foot to his mouth he has chewed on that recently but besides that he hasn't exhibited abnormal levels of chewing or biting.
- Refusing Food: Definitely not!  He has actually been hungrier and wanting more food.
- Sleep Problems: This kid sleeps GREAT!

So, according to this Charlie should not be teething.  But of course Charlie seems to be an odd child so naturally he would get teeth without teething.  And of course he is the child that hates solid food.  Naturally we are going to now be pushing solid food even harder.


Kelsey said...

Yay a tooth!

Rose said...

You can't put a post up about teeth and have no picture!

Annette Martin said...

Well it takes a while for the teeth to get big enough to take a picture of them.