01 January 2012

Merry (late) Christmas

So we were so determined to send out Christmas cards to everyone this year but it just didn't happen.  We took the photo, wrote the note, and had a nice long list of people to send them too.  But it just didn't happen.  Oh well, we decided that this is the next best thing to that then.

Our little family has grown this year by 50%!  Yea, Charlie was born!  We loved living in American Fork but it is a welcome change to now be living in Grantsville (Tooele County) where we had a home built.  We are all loving it.

Charles is the best husband ever and has done so much for our family.  He got an awesome job in Tooele working for Detroit Diesel remanufacturing engines and is loving it.  He has been busily working on his MBA and is now a year and a half done with only half a year left!  Charles is a fabulous daddy and loves squishing Charlie’s cheeks :) 

Annette finished college!!!  Hallelujah!  I have been looking forward to this day ever since my older sister finished and I realized that there was an end to formal education.  I will miss it, but in the mean time I am kept busy with Charlie and putting our house together.

Charlie is the cutest baby ever!  He was born on the 30th of June.  By a week old he had two heart surgeries and later had a third.  He has done more in his life than I have!  Despite all that, he has always looked and acted like a very healthy baby.  He now only has minor heart defects and if they don’t get worse he will be great.  He went with me to college and had a blast.  He loved all of the attention and socializing.  Now that we are in Grantsville we kicked Charlie out of our bedroom and consequently he sleeps through the night.  Well, at least we do :)
The Martin Family


Marilyn said...

I am glad you all are doing well. It took us 5 years before we finally starting sending out a Christmas card. We always had the intention... We will have to get your address to send you one next year.

Myrna said...

Lat Christmas cards are the best!

Myrna said...

And by "Lat" I mean "Late"! :o)