22 January 2012


I have never had an obsession in my life until now and yes I am trying to not go beyond a healthy obsession of my child.  And no, I don't put up every photo of Charlie that I take.  I already have over a 100 photos for January (most of Charlie) and I have to show some restraint.  When you think that this obsession becomes unhealthy let me know.  I don't know if that will help though.

Charlie is so photogenic and loves to stare at the camera and smile.  He was just born that way.  What am I to do but take millions of photos of him?

For this sitting Charlie decided to give all sorts of good faces that had never yet been captured on camera.

Here is Charlie in his normal cuteness.

Here is Charlie puzzled at why a bright light flashed at him from the pretty black box.

"He he, that was pretty funny, do it again."

"Mommy, why do you keep hiding your face behind the camera?  I can't see you."
This was the first time Charlie tried to see me behind the camera.


Here is Charlie laughing his head off at how weird his parents can be just to get him to smile and laugh at the camera.  I always wondered when parents made the switch from cool to embarrassing, here it is.  I just don't know how making car noises while you drive becomes apart of a parents vocabulary.   I have sworn never to do that one, but heck who knows.

"The females love my adorable dimples.  What can I say, I am a lady's man."

Because of Charlie's new tooth we have been working extra hard on solids.  Thankfully Charlie is good when nursing and knows that he is only supposed to suck, not bite.  Actually to think of it he hasn't "bitten" anything for a long time.  We let him eat the bread of the pizza and he only sucked on it.  He is getting better but has a ways to go.  All in good time.

I don't remember why Charlie was stripped down (don't worry it wasn't cold in the house, but we also don't keep our house too warm) but he didn't seem to care since he still had his feet to suck on.  Charlie's feet are constantly wet.  I feel like we go through more socks than anything else.  I guess we can blame this on Charlie's aunt, Angela, who sucked on her toes as a child.  The genes have been passed on!

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