06 June 2011

Front Sight

Charles and I had a great time down in Pahrump, NV so Charles could go to Front Sight.  He had a great time learning all about guns and gun safety.  He sure ate up everything that they taught him and is excited to go back!

The drive down to Pahrump from American Fork sure is long.  I drove on the way down while Charles finished his MBA final on his laptop and then he drove on the way home.  Wow, that drive is NOT super thrilling.

While Charles was shooting, I stayed at the house in Pahrump and did my daily reading/homework and cleaned the place.  The master bathroom got a good wipe down, it sure needed it with all the pink mold in the shower.

Well, I guess I must really be nearing the end of my pregnancy because my wedding ring no longer fits.  While we were in Pahrump I tried getting it off and it wouldn't budge at all.  I was pretty scared that I would have to have it cut off because it was so tight that I was afraid it was going to cut off circulation.  The next day though I lathered my hands in lotion and pulled with all of my might and it barely came off.  I never take my wedding ring off so I am glad that I tried it before my finger fell off.

So, on our way to Front Sight, we stopped off in St. George where my family has some stuff in storage.  I got many of my things that have been packed away for many years.  The most exciting thing of all was my Playmobile sets.  I haven't played with them for 10 years and when we got home I spent all of Monday setting them all up.  It took me straight back to my childhood.  Charles thought it was cute.  I had such a fun time.  I also got some of my stuffed animal collection.  Our children will be well outfitted with toys that it will save us so much money down the road :)  Here are a few photos of them.  I could only set up half of it because I only had one banquette table.  I have to take them down and set up the other half.

I am so excited to have this baby come.  I am now down to three weeks left!  Crazy!  When I was a kid and knew that pregnancy took nine months, I thought that it would be SOOOO long.  But this has been the shortest nine months of my life!

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