09 May 2014

Grandma and Grandpa Wright

Grandpa Larry and Grandma Sandra came to Pennsylvania to meet their new little granddaughter, Elizabeth.  We were so happy to have them come and stay for a week.

 While they were here we went grocery shopping.  That was a little tough having three kids.  I haven't yet figured out how I am supposed to do that on my own since Henry is a wanderer.

Here is Elizabeth before a week old on her first outing at the grocery store.

Grandma took lots of photos during Charlie's school time.

Here we are with Charlie's papers showing the sentences he made in school to Grandma Sandra.

Charlie went on a fun walk with Grandma and Grandpa while Henry slept.

We went to a little river so the kids could play.  The boys loved it!  We will probably spend a lot of the summer here.

There were lots of good sticks at the river ...

... and lots of good rocks and water to get soaking wet.

The boys were filthy and got stripped down before coming home.  I love it when they get tuckered out and fall asleep in the car. 

We went to a huge awesome park that the boys just loved.

We  walked along another river and had a fun picnic.

Here is a fun family morning while in our pj's.  My Grandma Hatch made this duck blanket for me when I was little.

She also made this cute outfit.  I don't know if I wore this outfit (I probably did), but I know that my doll wore the outfit.  I found a lot of baby clothes that I actually wore as a baby in my doll clothes, which my dolls wore back then, and Elizabeth is wearing now.  She is my real life, little doll.  Just look at that perfect little glow about her.
" A sweet, new blossom of humanity, freshly fallen from God's own home to flower here on earth."
- Gerald Massey (English poet), later quoted by Thomas S. Monson in his talk, "An Invitation to Exaltation" (April 1988)

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Kelsey said...

It took me a while to figure out shopping but it is possible! just put henry in the front seat of the cart facing you. and sling the car seat horizontally on the back of the basket. and charlie can ride standing on the side or back whenever he's tired of walking. then you can stuff everything under the cart or in the basket. it works with two carseats too if you ever have twins ;)