09 November 2013

Three Cute Things

Charlie is SUPER clean (I don't know how he is my child).  He often wants me to help him wipe his hands clean frequently during meals.  He loves to clean up his toys and likes things to be in their place.  I do not take any credit for this.  I encourage him to clean his room, but beyond that I haven't done much or insisted that his hands are perfectly clean every moment of the day.

The other day while I was showering the boys were in there playing in the cabinet under the sink.  I looked out at one point and saw a lot of the stuff out of the cabinet.  My first thought was, "Ugh, another thing to clean up."  When I hopped out of the shower I saw Charlie closing the door to the cabinet.  He pointed to it and said, "Away!"  He was so proud that he had put it all away.  I looked in to see what it looked like inside.  It was pretty much all in the same spots.  What an organized little boy.

Charlie has a little book of animal pictures that he studies regularly.  He knows most of the animals in it.  The other day he started hanging from the top bunk of their bunk beds (oh yeah, we failed to mention on the blog that the boys got bunk beds since there was a garage sale down the road and they were a good price).  He kept saying, "moth"  I really had no idea what he was trying to tell me about a moth.  After looking at his book and making connections, I finally realized that he was saying, "sloth."  He was hanging from the bed like the sloth hangs from the tree in the book.

The cutest moment of parenthood has happened.  Henry was crawling and tripped and smacked his face into the floor (that wasn't the cutest moment).  As I was holding Henry, Charlie came over and gave Henry the stuffed rabbit.  Henry immediately hugged the rabbit and it made him feel so much better.  I then realized that Henry did favor the rabbit.  It was so cute to see him cuddle with it.  I couldn't believe that Charlie knew what to do to comfort his brother and which stuffed animal would do best.  Charlie is a sweet boy.

Here is Henry with his rabbit.  He is eating/attacking it (in a very loving way) in the photo.

I thought that I would add a photo of his favorite animals.  The lion is the most favorite.

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